Oregon (OR) American Ninja Warrior Gyms

A complete list of American Ninja Warrior gyms in Oregon

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Knope-Jenkins Personal Training

10640 SE Charlotte Dr.
Happy Valley, OR 97086 United States


Train to become the next American Ninja Warrior, at Knope-Jenkins Personal Training’s private studio. In addition to most of the equipment found in a traditional gym, we have a plethora of unique and fun exercise modalities. Some of the movements and obstacles that we focus on are the hanging nun-chucks, cliffhanger/ultimate cliffhanger, salmon ladder, curtain cling, unsteady tilter, hanging doors, cargo net jumps, as well as things like tractor tire flips, battle ropes, and bouldering. We are constantly updating and adding equipment and obstacles.

Knope-Jenkins Personal Training will help you become a champion. Whether you are looking to work on the skills needed to compete in your first mud run, or want to master everything needed for tough obstacle courses; Cody Knope-Jenkins and his team of certified personal trainers will help you succeed. Offering private one-on-one training and group classes, we help you dramatically increase your overall fitness, and teach you the techniques to strengthen your agility, endurance, grip, and confidence! Custom training plans and access to obstacles will help you become the next American Ninja Warrior.

Revolution Parkour

5651 SW Arctic Dr
Beaverton, OR 97005 United States


We love to help others discover the value and the freedom of movement!

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