Rose Dey – East Windsor, New Jersey

How does this person typify a humanitarian as described in the definition above?

Rose Dey lives the Spartan Code. She truly gives generously, is a leader, stands up for what she believes in, no matter the cost and proves herself through actions, not words.

A woman of high moral character, Rose challenges herself and others to be the best they can be, on the course and off, and to make the world a better place for all, not for her own aggrandizement, but simply because that is the right, just. and humane thing to do.She exemplifies selflessness and frequently goes above and beyond to improve the lives of others through “courageous and compassionate acts.”


Provide 1-3 examples of the nominee’s selfless acts within the past 12 months

Among the many examples of Rose's humanitarianism is the fact that earlier this summer she took in a homeless young man — a young man who had been estranged from his family and living in the woods — and gave him not only shelter, food, and clothing, but is helping him rebuild his life.

With Rose's counsel and encouragement, this young man has become gainfully employed (with two jobs!), is learning to budget and save money for a car, is developing a broader sense of possibilities for his life, and is overcoming a severe weight problem and smoking habit!

In late Winter/early Spring, Rose donated her time and expertise to provide several weeks of free strength and endurance training to the Machestic Dragons, an organization of breast cancer survivors and supporters preparing for their dragon boat racing season. Recently, when I was totally stressed out by a “perfect storm” of life situations and feeling overwhelmed, Rose surprised me with a gift of pampering at a local salon.

She did so, not only to celebrate my achieving a 40 lb. weight loss, but because “everyone deserves to feel special.” That generous act did more than just make me look better. It provided nurture to a soul that often struggles with depression and too rarely practices good self-care!


Describe the major impact that this person has had on others’ lives

Rose has had a positive impact on some many people in so many wonderful ways. I would say that the major impact she has had on others' lives would be her highly developed and readily demonstrated ability to share her whole self — intellect, training, compassion, humor, vision, strength, integrity, ability, creativity, education — with others in such a way that that they find themselves empowered and equipped to be their best selves, to fulfill their potential, and, ultimately, to make the world a better place for all.

Rose Dey exemplifies humanitarianism and the very best traits to be found in and developed through OCR. It is my privilege and great joy to nominate her for this inaugural award!


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