Salomon and Aravaipa Running Team Up to Deliver 26 High-quality Races in 2019

Trail running has been absolutely exploding in popularity with obstacle course athletes, and one of the premier trail running series in the southwest's mashup with Salomon - voted Best OCR Shoe Brand in 2018 by Mud Run Guide readers - should be of great interest to athletes looking for their next trail running adventure.

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Tough Mudder: Level Up!

Netflix's Bandersnatch isn't the only game in town when it comes to choosing your adventure - Tough Mudder is offering Level Up lanes in 2019 so you can customize your own Mudder!

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Shoe Review: Lems Boulder Boot & Primal 2

If there was ever such a thing as the perfect hiking boot that's not really a hiking boot but is an awesome boot... well, whatever. These minimalist, zero-drop, super-light, flexible, and comfy-AF boots are a must-have for daily wear and light hiking. Oh, we also review the Primal 2 which is equally as awesome...

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OCR Approved for Inclusion in 2019 South East Asia Games

OCR has been approved as one of the 56 sports to be contested November 30 through December 12 in and around the Manila metropolitan area in the Philippines. The SEA Games is a biennial international multi-sport event involving participants from eleven countries in Southeast Asia.

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S.M.A.R.T. Goals for 2019

When we set goals, we know exactly where we want to end up but often have no idea how to get there. Incorporating S.M.A.R.T. goals is one of the most effective ways of keeping ourselves on track. This method of goal setting is a great way to narrow down not only your what, but your when, why, and how.

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Training Tuesday: Total Body Stability Superset Workout

Full body stability training is a great way to target every muscle group while focusing core strength and balance work.  Below is a 45 minute workout that you can incorporate to your workout regimen.

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Spartan to Hold Battle of the Sexes Hurricane Heat

On March 9, it's men versus women as Spartan holds their second Battle of the Sexes Hurricane Heat in Las Vegas.

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No, You’re Not Too Old for Obstacle Racing

“You’ve had a good run. No shame in hanging it up at your age. Time to let it go.” Jill Vandor crawls under an obstacle at Savage Race. Photo: Copyright Savage Race I hear the voices all the time. Often the voices come from friends and family. People who will shake their heads [...]

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Community Members of the Week: January 5-11, 2019

Happy Friday from Mud Run Guide! It's time to check in on our readers' New Year's Resolutions.

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Two Roads Converge at the Spartan World Championship

Spartan Race recently announced they are offering two different ways for elites and age groupers to qualify for the Spartan World Championship being held at North Lake Tahoe, California on September 29.

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