Colorado (CO) American Ninja Warrior Gyms

A complete list of American Ninja Warrior gyms in Colorado

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5280 Ninja
8110 Shaffer Parkway Suite #120
Littleton, CO 80127 United States


At 5280 Ninja, students learn agility, balance, and strength conditioning through various obstacle training. Our training facility uses the Drew Drechsel ‘Real Life Ninja' Complete Rig and obstacles. The challenges change weekly, offering development in all areas to help students learn focus, precision, and become well-rounded athletes through completing the obstacles. Some of the obstacles offered are the Pegboard, Cliffhanger, Unstable Bridge, Salmon Ladder, Trapeze/Rope Swings, 12′ Warped Wall, plus a few original custom designed ones as well.

Ninja classes are for students ages 6 and up.

5280 Ninja is located inside of 5280 Gymnastics South in Littleton, CO. 5280 South also offers gymnastics and our North facility offers Gymnastics and Parkour.

APEX Movement Denver
700 W Mississippi Ave Unit A5
Denver, CO 80223 United States


12 open gyms per week. Specialty classes for gymnastics, strength, Ninja Warrior, OCR, tricking, & more.

APEX Movement Fort Collins
2649 E Mulberry St, # 26
Fort Collins, CO 80524 United States


Our goal is to create an environment in which people from movement skills. Our classes and open gyms are filled with like-minded people who genuinely want to see each other succeed. No matter how great you are at training alone, you will be further pushed and fueled by the camaraderie of our great community.

APEX School of Movement Louisville
1772 Prairie Way Unit G
Louisville, CO 80027 United States


Louisville, Colorado branch of APEX Movement, the world’s largest Parkour/Freerunning training facility encouraging others to explore their own movement capabilities.

Some of our obstacles include Balance Tank, Cliff Hanger, Rock Wall, Floating Doors, Flying Nunchucks, Double Salmon Ladder, GLobe Grasp, Wall Lift, Rope Swing,Warped Wall, and more.

Edge Movement
82 Inverness Drive East Unit B
Englewood, CO 80112 United States


Edge Movement is an all inclusive Ninja Warrior, Parkour, Tumbling, Tricking,  Gymnastics, OCR bootcamp Adaptive training facility.  At Edge Movement we  encourage and teach functional and alternative methods of movement.  We build strength through obstacles, Fitness and body weight acrobatic movements. Our specialty is to prepare people of all ages to be physically fit no matter what sport you choose.

We offer several parkour obstacles as well as a lateral bouldering wall, ropes, and a spring board floor for acrobatics.   We also offer excursions into the mountains for easy and difficult terrain navigation led by very experienced mountaineers.  Our OCR classes and mountain excursions will be led by a certified Spartan SGX coach.

Ninja Brand Parkour Gym
6300 E 88th ave unit 7
Henderson, CO 80640 United States


Ninja Brand Parkour Gym is a community of students, coaches, and elite athletes that all share a common interest for the art of movement.

Join actual Ninja Warrior competitors on new custom designed obstacle courses every class. Try your hand at classic Ninja warrior obstacles like salmon ladder, warped wall, peg board, flying bars, cliff hanger, and more. These classes are designed by American Ninja Warriors two time 1st place qualifiers competitore Lorin Ball, focusing on training your mind and body to overcome any obstacle in your path.

Ninja Intensity
158 Caprice Ct Suite B
Castle Rock, CO 80104 United States


Ninja Intensity is a brand new obstacle training gym located in Castle Rock, CO. Ninja Intensity originated from an obstacle course competition series that focused on challenging the best with unique and never before seen obstacles. Now, everyone will be able to test themselves against replica obstacles as seen on American Ninja Warrior. Ninja Intensity also offers Parkour training from Ninja Warrior Lorin Ball.

Peak Athletics
399 Dad Clark Dr
Littleton, CO 80126 United States


Is your child constantly climbing on the furniture, jumping on the bed, swinging on the railings?  Do they want to be able to overcome obstacle courses and swing through the air while doing cool tricks?  Then Peak's Ninja Tumble classes are the perfect activity for your little Ninja!  This clas will challenge your child to continue to grow socially and physically.  The emphasis of this class will be on balance/coordination, strength, flexibility, cardio, hanging movements, and tumbling skills.  In addition, students in these classes will work toward speed and accuracy through the circuit.  They will be learning how to persevere and overcome challenges and obstacle courses presented each week.  
If you are interested in scheduling a free trial of Peak's Ninja Tumble classes, call member services at 303-797-8082

Springs Ninja Park
2512 Airport Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80910 United States


Be a ninja warrior by challenging yourself on the course at Springs Trampoline Park. Can you complete the entire course in record time? Here is your chance to begin training to become an American Ninja Warrior.

Monthly Ninja Warrior Competitions with Prizes, 8 foot, 10 foot, 12 foot wall, ropes, rings, full lighted course and more!

We also have Ninja Warrior Summer Camps for Kids Ages 7 to 14

Urban Acrobatics
720 W 84th Ave
Thornton, CO 80221 United States


Master the skills and techniques required for obstacle races like the Spartan and Tough Mudder with Certified Coach and Colorado Obstacle Racers Team Captain Tony Middleton. He has expanded his weekly training to Urban Acrobatics on Saturday mornings and Monday nights. His classes are heart pounding workouts that utilize obstacles to improve your agility, strength, power, endurance, and flexibility. Some of the movements practiced in class include tire flip, tire drag, rope climb, Tyrollean traverse, wall climbs, vaulting, crawling, rolling, swinging and much more.

Want to train with some of American Ninja Warrior’s multi-season finalists and prepare for the worlds toughest obstacle course? Every Tuesday night join us in the training that has gotten these athletes in the top ranks. Face the clock in custom built obstacles and learn the techniques to conquer them!

Warrior Playground
2415 Wedgewood Ave.
Longmont, CO 80503 United States


The Warrior Playground is a full scale American Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Course Race training facility for kids & adults. The Warrior Playground features many American Ninja Warrior obstacle replicas straight from the show so you can train like a ninja. We have over 10,000 square feet of space for our 30+ obstacles, some of which include: Double Salmon Ladder, Warped Wall, Jumping Spider, Devil Steps, Cliff Hangar, Body Prop, Peg Boards, Floating Doors, Hanging Doors, Slackline, and more.

 The Warrior Playground is not just for Ninja’s – Spartans, Battle Frog, Tough Mudders, Cross Fit competitors, & Tactical athletes will also enjoy our OCR and Strongman obstacles: Farmers Walk, Spear Throw, Tire flips, Sled, Atlas Stones, Monkey Bars, Wall Jumps, Rope Climbs, Rope swing…

Classes offered: Build a Better Ninja, Ninja Warrior Challenge (test your self on a timed course), OCR Race Prep, & the Trinity Challenge (a serious test of your agility, endurance, & strength).

XOC Xtreme Obstacle Course
Highlands Ranch, CO United States

Xtreme Obstacle course is the first out of the box obstacle course that will test your strength, balance, speed and agility to create a new breed of athletes. This course is not only challenging but fun and is the ultimate training apparatus for Gymnasts, Parkour, Freestyle Runners, ANW competitors and anyone that wants to test their obstacle skills.

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