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  • Albon Spartan World Championship

OpEd: Should Course Previewing Be Permitted?

November 11th, 2019|1 Comment

Do you believe that preview runs should be a disqualifiable offense, or should athletes have the ability to pre-run without consequence?

  • 110919_JDG_SPL_Sweden_1776

Atkins and Kolbl take the title at Spartan Ultra World Championships

The Spartan Million Dollar Challenge went unclaimed as athletes from 40 countries braved the harsh conditions for 24 hours in Åre, Sweden.

  • Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 9.08.48 AM

Community Members of the Week: November 2-8, 2019

Before you start your weekend, we're checking in with an athlete Spartan Trifecta World Championships and the future of OCR.

  • kyle-glenn-nXt5HtLmlgE-unsplash (1)

World OCR 101

What is World OCR? Read on for a crash course in OCR Federations and what it will take for OCR to qualify as an Olympic Sport.

  • 102719_BA_SPL_Virginia_49

Spartan Trail Series – Virginia

For the second consecutive year, Spartans have gathered to test their mettle on the tails of Infinity Downs Farm as Spartan adds a Trail race to their Spartan Super and Sprint Weekend.

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  • OpValor

Auction to Benefit Operation Valor

October 2nd, 2019|0 Comments

Operation Valor is hosting a gala and auction on October 24 to raise money for other nonprofits that serve veterans.

  • training-grip

Training Tuesday: Grip Strength & Shoulder Stability

How do we develop two of the most important elements in training for an OCR? Watch this video from an industry professional and Founder of Sarah Pozdol and see how you can safely and progressively develop a grip that’s going to get you through the course!

Athletes of the World: Joe's Looking for You!

Spartan Founder, Joe De Sena is looking high and low for the best athletes on the planet looking to take home part of $1.3 million dollars in Spartan prize money... do you have what it takes?

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  • 20191026_115724

Spartan Race – Virginia Super

Spartan Race returned to Infinity Downs Farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains for the annual Spartan Super in Virginia.

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Spartan Trifecta World Championship Weekend Results

Last weekend, the world's best OCR athletes converged in Sparta Greece to take on Spartan's World Trifecta Championships.

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