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XOSKIN, a brand well known in the ultra-running world, has dove headfirst into the Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) world in 2021.  With products like compression shorts/pants and socks they are great for racing or training.  Another product in their line is the brand new XO Underwear.

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Playout The Game 2 Review

Playout The Game is a fun athletic card game that is showing up all over [...]

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Event Review: Fit by Scott

Scott Kunkel of Fit by Scott's training facility in Laurel Acres Park brings OCR training to South Jersey, providing a man-made sledding hill, perfect for hill repeats and excellent workouts.

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Race Review: Spartan Sprint Vernon 2021

Race recap & review of the Spartan Sprint Vernon New Jersey 2021.

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Spartan Lake Tahoe Ultra and Beast Weekend

Many of Spartan's courses are great for first time racers. Tahoe's Ultra and Beast courses are definitely not on that list. The mountains of Tahoe are made for suffering, and there was plenty of it this past weekend.

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