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Overview Multi-distance Obstacle Race, Worldwide locations
Launched 2010
Kids Yes. Jr. Spartan: ages 4-9, Varsity Spartan: ages 10-13

Become a member of the Spartan TRIFECTA Tribe by finishing one of each Spartan distance: Sprint, Super and Beast, in a calendar year (January 1 – December 31st), anywhere in the world.

Obstacles Varies by distance; Sprint features 10-12, Beast contains over 30.
Terrain Varies by location depending on topography; the course will use any and all natural obstacles and elements to make a demanding and interesting course.
Hardest Obstacle Spinners: A spinning, corkscrew “monkey bar” designed to really test upper body and grip strength. If you fail, 30 burpees are waiting for you.
Penalties Failing or skipping any obstacle results in a penalty of 30 burpees.
Gear Wear athletic gear that will allow movement in any direction as you will be climbing over and scurrying under obstacles, lifting and pulling heavy objects and running trails, through water, mud, and jumping over fire. Gloves may help with some rope-based obstacles, well-fitting athletic shoes should help minimize blisters.

Spartan events are timed competitions that are orchestrated over standardized distances and feature natural and man-made obstacles specifically designed to test mind-body fitness. Every race at every distance will have you climbing, lifting, crawling, rolling, carrying, running, swimming, balancing, throwing, and jumping. All Spartan courses are deliberately designed to leave you exhausted and exhilarated; the completion of any of our courses is an accomplishment that deserves to be recognized, and each finisher has truly earned their Spartan medal. Their motto is “You’ll Know at the Finish Line” is not just an empty marketing phrase, but a sentiment that is shared by all of our athletes who have been bonded through the collective challenge of completing one of the world’s best obstacle courses.

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Great Days in Monterey

Aug 31, 2021 by Tim W Frame

Great write up Daniel, and I couldn't agree more, that the only bug-a-boo that happened that weekend, was the Spartan system being down, and I worried about handwriting out bibs and times, and worried it would all get screwed up. But the Spartan staff handled it like pros, and the results were in there perfectly the next day. Was surprised to see that, but I guess someone stayed up all night getting those typred in. Above and beyond to get that done, and was happy to be a part of the race weekend in Monterey again. Great to see so many West Coast friends after a long year away, and was happy to be there racing again with them again, and getting it done ANYWAY Great job to Spartan for making it happen, and to all the volunteers. And great job to Spartans everywhere, for keeping themselves and others safe, while still doing things in a Spartan way. AROO!

Spartan Utah Beast 2021

I've ran a few Spartan events in the past few years, and was ready to take it up to Beast, or so I thought. The venue was beautiful, with easy check in and bag check. I only made it a little over 7 miles before I had to tap out of the event, after suffering a badly twisted ankle and altitude sickness. That sucked, but it's what happened after that, that really makes me question what Spartan was doing there to begin with. I got to the to top of a 2000ft incline, that officially ended my event, where I met a medical person. I notified them of my issues, and was sat down next to others who had suffered heat stroke. We were told to not fall asleep and that a 4 wheeler would be by shortly to escort us off the mountain. Fast forward and hour and a help arrived. A fellow runner had gotten to the next water station (a little over a mile away) and found out that they were not coming for us, we had to come to them. THANK GOD the Spartan community is a great one, she came all the way back to tell us we had to figure out a way down on our own, and stop waiting for "help" that will never come. I spent the next hour, hobbling to the next water station, in intense pain. Eventually getting onto a side by side, and getting taken off the mountain. I don't blame Spartan for my injury. What I do blame them for, is the lack of preparation and foresight for this weekend event. On my way down, I heard multiple accounts of water stations running out of water, walkie talkies for the volunteers that were not charged, sections of the course being roped off due to a high percentage of people getting injured in those areas, and lastly...I had to sign a consent form that I refused medical treatment (which I did)...but I had to scribble my name and that I was refusing consent on a scratch piece of paper, because they didn't have any of the forms. Wow. They know how many people are running, and the temperatures the event is being held in. I was aiming for a weekend Trifecta, but after that, I may not attempt another Beast, not knowing if they'll have the support and resources to pull off an event. On a side note, I had a friend actually complete the Trifecta over the weekend, the water issues were not rectified for Sunday's Super and Sprint events. Not the level of professionalism I've come to expect, for such a big name in OCR.

Jan 05, 2020 by richard viren jr
Event Name: Spartan race 

why not have by age categories, 40+ requires a 60 or 70 compete with a 40,

Aug 07, 2019 by John Luna

Best organized OCR event I've ever been to. Great obstacles, layout, amazing location! Festival area was fun, great merchandise store. We had a blast.

Colorado Rockies Worst Spartan Ever

Aug 06, 2019 by Former Loyal Spartan Racer

Total fail. Spartan manages to land the most beautiful venue in North America with the new Snowmass location, and they completely fuck it up. I’ve done over 20 spartan races and the mountain series races are clearly the best venues, but this beast was the worst race I’ve ever done. Spartan, my kid could’ve designed a better course map with two fucking crayons. Up, down, up, down. No obstacles forever, no shade, no usage of an existing beautiful trail system. I’m guessing Snowmass wouldn’t allow spartan to use the trails?? Was there even a course designer at all, or were they milking off what Tough Mudder has done in this same venue the last few years? Spartan got kicked out of Breckenridge, and this may be their first and last stab at Snowmass, esp since some poor guy DIED at the top of the mountain in front of the Armer obstacle and like 50 people. But I’m guessing Spartan is hiding this little bit of info. Seeing 5+ medics using defilibrator and CPR on this guy repeatedly was heart wrenching and infuriating that the straight up boring ass course did this to that guy. That’s on you, shitty race director. I’ve never heard so many complaints from fellow racers and while running the sprint the next day, EVERY SINGLE PERSON I spoke with who also did the beast, including volunteers and staff, said it was the single most boring spartan race ever. But I’m sure Spartan doesn’t give a shit what the actual Spartan community thinks, as long as Robert Killian is raking in the wins and media attention. Such a decline in Spartan over the years, there’s no way participation is up. Get back to the obstacles, Spartan, I don’t need to pay money for a boring ass hill climb up a ski mountain, I live in Colorado, I can do that on my own. Oh, I’ll come back every year to run trails in Snowmass and but not on Spartan weekend

Got lucky at the beast

Jul 19, 2019 by Quagmire

met a chick on the course, and after the race, we hung out, drank a 12 pack, went back to the hotel room and fucked our brains out. Overall, good race. Thank you Spartan organization for always having hot, fit sluts at these races.

Jul 19, 2019 by Ronny

I did this race in 2017, skipped last year, but doing the ultra this year in Killington. When I did the beast in '17, i did it with some out of shape_pussy_fuck, and out of respect, i hung with the loser the whole time, so my time blew_cock. This year, i told everyone who asked me to run it with them to_fuck off. I'm doing this by myself because I'm much better than the group of weak_asses that want to do it as a group.

Apr 30, 2019 by Alec

It was a good event but compared to the Goliath since I did Goliath two weeks before this race, I was honestly expecting waaaay better from Spartan because of the name and all the publicity and I can say I was very disappointed honestly.

I felt like the obstacles were not as creative and cheap, it was more about carrying sand or rocks (felt like a CrossFit exercise) rather than a mix of exercises and or agility obstacles. We were also next to a lot of water and I was surprised there wasn’t too many obstacles with water, and the ones that had water it was just walking through it with above knee water .... nothing special.

I believe they could have done a heck of a lot better for the price and I will book my whole corporate team with Goliath next year since it was way more engaging and fun unlike Spartan which was a lot a lot of just cardio with many spots without obstacles and just walking running sections (I can do that at home)

Arizona Spartan Sprint 2019

Feb 13, 2019 by KMS

This being my 3rd OCR race, but first Spartan, I had an idea on what to expect, and I wasn't disappointed. It was a chilly start, and had 23 obstacles to conquer. Every one of them had at least one volunteer stationed at it to give pointers for first timers on how to attempt a new challenge. There was A TON of mud! No joke, hair to toe was caked at one point...and that was after completing an obstacle, not failing it. Burpees sucked, as always, but you do them because that's what you signed up for. And as SGX coaches will tell you, "Spartan's do their burpees." I did all of mine, but I witnessed a lot of people, particularly on rope climb, who skipped them. Very disappointing. Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and will certainly sign back up for it again next year. AROO!

Canadian Spartan cheap skates

Jul 26, 2018 by Sam

Stick to the US Spartan races. The Ontario Canada race hasn't even begun and they suck. MudRunGuide's advertised 10% off code wasn't working but Spartan's site said only 6 slots available until "Sold out" so I registered anyway. The next day the site said 94 slots open (same price/time frame, etc.). So I then contacted Spartan looking for either a 10% credit or at least a token (Spartan bucks or parking pass). They said they sometimes open up more slots and they have no deal with MRG and only offered an undisclosed discount to a future Canadian event, which are much more spread out than US so I'd have to fly to take advantage of their future race discount. They refused to do anything else, even just a parking voucher. Cheap skates!! When I pointed out that going from showing 6 slots "until sold out" to 94 seemed more like a marketing ploy than adding a few for slow response. And to think how cheap it would've been to keep me quiet.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 3.8 5.0 90 90 Great write up Daniel, and I couldn't agree more, that the only bug-a-boo that happened that weekend, was the Spartan system being down, and I worried about handwriting out bibs an