American Ninja Warrior Wolfpack Ninjas


Thanks for checking out the Wolfpack Ninjas! We are American Ninja Warrior's most successful group of athletes and we owe it to our team approach and our intense training. We have a website: and a podcast on iTunes (listen below!) and we put on obstacle events and clinics via our Wolfpack Ninja Tour. We also have a TRAINING MANUAL eBooks for Ninja-kids and Adults!

Please check out our website to download a FREE Ninja Cub Certificate for dedication to self-improvement! Our mission is to help educate, entertain and motivate kids and families to engage in a healthier lifestyle! We will be bringing obstacle events to a city near you and in the meantime, check out our site and Wolfpack Ninja Podcast along with training manuals and philosophy of improvement!

Also, Cheer us on this season on NBC's American Ninja Warrior! We have been training hard and you should expect good things out of the Wolfpack Ninjas!

Remember to reduce sugar in your diet and eat more fruits and vegetables! You are what you eat! Be active and healthy and try to get to these awesome events; Wolfpack Ninjas or otherwise as advertised on this awesome site! You can control your health and everyday is a chance to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Encourage your kids to make healthy choices and be a positive role model. Check out our Wolfpack Ninja Podcast for great tips and advice on health and training and if you are really serious about pushing your game to the next level, check out our training eBooks on our website! Life is an incredible journey and your body and mind are the amazing machines that allow you to enjoy this amazing miracle! Join the wolves in our goal of reducing childhood obesity and diabetes in this country and join the Pack! Aroooo!

CHECK OUT OUR AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR PODCAST FREE ON iTunes! We have interviewed EVERY top Ninja including Geoff Britten, Kacy Catanzaro and many others! With nutrition and training tips along with discussions about injury prevention and management, this is the top rated obstacle course/ANW podcast to get you PSYCHED!

Wolfpack Ninja Podcast