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A complete list of American Ninja Warrior gyms in New York

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5 Star Sports Acadmey
21 Ryder Pl
East Rockaway, NY 11518 United States


Ninja Warrior training has come to Long Island! Designed by three-time American Ninja Warrior competitor and Long Island resident Justin Conway, our obstacle course is designed to give you the experience of being on a Ninja Warrior obstacle course with variations for all skill levels – from seven year old first timers to 100 year old adventure seekers and adults looking for a new way to lose weight, our professionally trained coaches will help you progress, get fit and have fun! We have a full size 14’ Warped Wall for adults, 8’ kids Warped Wall, Double Salmon Ladder, Cannon Ball Alley, Ropes, Bars and more. Our American Ninja Warrior program focuses on Fitness, Calisthenics, Obstacle Courses and much more. At our Ninja Warrior Program located in Nassau County East Rockaway, we also focus on fun kid activities such as After School Activities, Parkour and Parties. We have different programs for Kids, Teens and Adults.

Here at Five-Star we believe in challenging the status quo and that the benefits of disciplined athletic training is the key to building self-confidence, self-awareness and will instill a valuable sense of purpose in life. The Five-Star Ninja Warrior program accomplishes these benefits for all of its participants through challenging, fun and innovative obstacle course training for children and adults. Come and experience serious obstacle course training at Long Island’s first full scale American Ninja Warrior (ANW) training facility and participate in the newest and most fun obstacle course fitness training program right here at Five-Star. Do you want to be the best Ninja in New York, or participate in our Tough Mudder or Spartan Climbing Events? Well here at Five-Star or as we are sometimes referred to as “5 Star” we can help you achieve your goals. Come join us at our Ninja Warrior Facility located conveniently on Long Island!

Aviator Sports Complex
3159 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11234 United States


Our Ninja Warrior program will begin as an extension of our current parkour classes. Although Ninja Warrior and parkour are two distinctly different activities, they overlap in many areas and complement each other well. While parkour places focus on creativity, exploration, and creating individual challenges, Ninja Warrior will focus on certain obstacles that students will train specifically to overcome. Both parkour and Ninja Warrior, however, will teach students to be as fast, strong, and efficient in their movement as possible. If you or your child love to climb, jump, swing, and balance, or to challenge yourself physically and mentally, come in and give the course your best shot!

As well as being used in our parkour classes, our new Ninja Warrior set will also be open to teens during Friday teen nights and open to adults during Adult Classes on Monday and Wednesday or Freerunning open sessions Saturday and Sunday.

Brooklyn Zoo
230 Bogart St
Brooklyn, NY 11206 United States


Brooklyn Zoo NY is New York City’s newest parkour training facility that revolutionizes the art of movement and fitness. We offer an experience that inspires our members to overcome obstacles both physical and mental. Our services include the art forms of parkour, breakdancing, trampoline, tumbling, tricking, dance and more. Our experienced instructors use methods of progression and attention to detail, technique and style, that will help members achieve the results they desire.

Brooklyn Zoo is a 4,500 sq ft. parkour facility. Accommodating the absolute beginner to the advanced practitioner, the Zoo is equipped with all you may need to bring your performance to the next level.

Obstacle replicas include the Warped Wall, Double Salmon Ladder, Globe Graspers, Ring Dive, Quint Steps, Jumping Bars, pipe slider, unstable bridge, body prop, and much, much more!

Build A Machine Fitness
3095 Elmwood Ave
Tonawanda, NY 14217 United States


BAMF is Buffalo’s Only all inclusive Ninja Warrior, Parkour, Tumbling, Fitness and Zumba Studio! At BAMF we have encourage and teach functional and alternative methods of movement.  We build strength through obstacles, Fitness and body weight acrobatic movements.


Our programs include:
Birthday Parties (we host 10 ninja warrior birthday parties each weekend for all ages)
Ninja Tots (ages 3-4)
Junior Ninja (ages 5-8)
Recreational Ninja (ages 8+UP)
Competition Ninjas(ages 6+UP) -Competing In the Sanctioned National Ninja League as well as our in house league and local competitions.
Parkour (ages 6+UP)- navigating urban obstacles as quickly and efficiently as possible
Flips and Tumbling (ages 6+UP) – teaching basic gymnastics techniques and well as alternative methods of acrobatics which are not traditionally taught in gymnastics programs

Adult Ninja Warrior

BAMF FITNESS – functional fitness training with various lifting techniques using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sleds, ropes, and many body weight movements.
Zumba – two Zumba dance classes per week
Open Play- Afterschool and late night open gym time for members and nonmembers to drop in and have free time on our obstacles!


EPIC Interval Training – New York
2 locations
38 West 38th Street, New York, New York 10018
230 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022

EPIC Interval Training is a total body training program that helps people of any fitness level tap into their inner athlete. We start with a foundation of functional body weight and strength training, toss in a hefty dose of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and top it off with some mobility drills to recover and restore your body. Each of our locations showcase monkey bar traverses (with varying difficulties), ring and rope traverses, wall traverse, salmon ladders, rope climbs, wreckbag, kettlebell training and more.

Our semi-private classes offer you a different workout each day of the week including our EPIC Obstacle Circuit (EOC), The Grynd and Blast. Dubbed, “the toughest workout in New York City” EPIC is more than just a gym, it’s an experience!

Hybrid Fitness Buffalo
475 Ellicott St.
Buffalo, NY 14203 United States


We are a mostly ninja warrior obstacle gym. We specialize in adult and child ninja warrior classes, and pride ourselves in well attended and professionally run events.

Some of our obstacles include: Salmon Ladder , Kids Salmon Ladder, Warped Wall, Quintuple Steps, Cannon Ball Alley, Sleepy Hollow, Stairway To Hell, Holy Roller, Lache Bars, Bunji Lache, Banana Alley, Cargo Net, 50 Shades of Ninja, Snake Crossing, Slackline, Peg Board, Circus Swing, Hydration Station, and many more!

Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics / Rochester’s Ninja Warrior Course
80 Barret Dr.
Webster, NY 14580 United States


Run up our 7’ and 10’ warped walls, concur the jumping spider, swing to our cargo net hanging over the in ground foam pit, and much more. With our safe spotting and safety harness, the coaches can assist you using the salmon ladder that keeps everyone challenged. At Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics, we have a safely gated, giant tower with a sequence of obstacles on the top platform that includes floating doors, as seen on the TV show, and stationary poles to climb from one pole to another. No other gym in the Rochester area can provide all these events as safe as we do with our state of the art equipment and qualified staff.

Come train to be the next American Ninja Warrior! At Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics, you can participate in events that are seen on the TV show, “American Ninja Warrior”. We offer classes to both children and adults to the Rochester area and, additionally, offer ninja warrior obstacles to kids during camps.

Obstacle Athletics
770 Grand Blvd #4
Deer Park, NY 11729 United States


We are Long Island NY’s only Obstacle Fitness and Ninja Warrior training facility, led by the region’s top athletes and coaches to fully prepare anyone for an upcoming obstacle race or mud run (such as Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Rugged Maniac, etc) and to practice like the pro’s you see on the American Ninja Warrior TV show.

The Warrior Factory
3150 W Henrietta Rd
Rochester, NY 14623 United States


Family Fun and Functional Fitness for all ages through obstacle training as seen on the hit series American Ninja Warrior on NBC

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