Hyperwear makes the best tactical weight vest plates for fitness as well as the best weighted vests for fitness.  So I decided to pick up their sandbag to see if they could hit a home run in the sandbag category as well.  Here are my thoughts after using it for the last couple of months:

Convenience:  The first big thing you’ll notice is the convenience.  These workout sandbags are shipped already filled with sand.  No need to go spend money and time driving to Home Depot to get sand. They arrive ready for your workout.  Already filled to the perfect amount, already true to weight and already even distributed for comfort.

Durability:  The sandbag looks, feels and is super durable.  The bag is made of tough, water repellant 1000D military grade fabric and seat belt webbing for durable strength.  Plus, it has an industrial strength zipper so even that is made tough.  I’ve been using it for several months, it still looks brand new and I have not seen any sand leaking.  This includes me pulling it by every handle, dropping it from over my head, carrying it on the treadmill while sweating profusely and tossing it across the room.

Options:  Just like their tactical plate carrier, this is truly where Hyperwear shines.  You could fill it with a cheap bag of sand or use their SandBell workout sandbags, I recommend the latter.  SandBells are sand filled neoprene free weights essentially.  They come in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 lbs. variants that will all fit inside the 40 lb capacity bag I used.  You can mix/match to get almost any desired training weight with SandBell weights going up to 70 lbs and the Sandbag System product line having an 80 lb and 160 lb size.  This makes them perfect for buddy team, group workouts and even those from other sports like Strongman.

The variability makes it great for not only progressive training (it gets harder as you get better thus causing improvement) but also for those that have spouses that use the bag or own a gym.  This variability means you can buy one or a couple of sandbags and have options for athletes of all shapes and sizes.  Plus, the SandBells can be used on their own as an additional training weight…and in my case…something my kids love to carry around the house.

For those getting ready for upcoming events like the GoRuck Games, Obstacle Course Racing World Championships (OCRWC), Battle of the Lions or any Spartan race, this is a product you’ll want in your training area.  It allows you to train specifically for those races or do compound movements thanks to the number of handles.

Benefits Over Other Brands:  The number one benefit is the variable weight option hands down.  The durability is also next level since the bag is a container and then you essentially have additional protection from the neoprene.  Plus, SandBell filler bags designed not to leak.  I didn’t try to destroy it, but logic tells me that this will hold up better than any other brand due to the double protection.

Additionally, there are handles all over the outer bag.  One popular brand of OCR sandbags only has two handles.  Hyperwear has eight handles!  This means you can use it to train for literally any sandbag based movement.

Overall:  The longer I’m involved in the fitness industry the more often I see trends with certain companies.  Brands like Hyperwear put thought, time and effort to develop a high quality product.  They did it with their performance weight vests, they did it with their new tactical weighted vests and now they’ve done it with the sandbag.  They’ve won me over as a customer and if I ever want any of their other products like weighted battle ropes and jump ropes, adjustable dumbbells and barbells, or resistance bands  I would feel comfortable buying them without a second look.  The fact is they are a company that is going to put in the time and effort to bring you high quality fitness products that will stand the test of time and survive the harsh conditions OCR athletes will put them through.

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