Ohio (OH) American Ninja Warrior Gyms

A complete list of American Ninja Warrior gyms in Ohio

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Adrenaline Monkey

26800 Renaissance Pkwy
Cleveland, OH 44128 United States


Featuring over 24,000 square feet of indoor space, the facility includes a myriad of active play and training options including ninja warrior style obstacle courses, parkour, aerial ropes courses, performance training, climbing walls, arcade, and event space. Our mission is to inspire physical activity, provide empowering experiences, encourage a sense of adventure, and develop the skill and passion for movement for anyone who is willing to try.

FMU Fitness

1022 Jaycox Rd
Avon, OH 44011 United States


Our Ninja classes focus on age specific development. Classes start with a fun activity to get the kids warmed up and stretched out. Each week we plan age appropriate challenges that focus on improving strength, speed, coordination and conditioning. The ninja challenges emphasize skills that are more specific to ninja type obstacles like warped walls, monkey bars, rings, and ropes. Kids are encouraged to participate in our level system where they work to accomplish specific challenges and progress through a color coded level sheet. ​

Movement Lab Ohio

400 Lazelle Rd
Columbus, OH 43240 United States

(614) 987-7597

The Movement Lab Ohio will offer Ninja Warrior, Parkour, and OCR training in the Columbus Ohio area. Co-Owners and Ninja Warrior Veterans Michelle Warnky and the Wilczewski Brothers have developed a progressive curriculum that is sure to help you from the first day all the way to that starting platform. Our facility offers double salmon ladder, cliff hanger, floating boards, quad steps, mini tramps, and much more!

Nati Ninja

4627 Carlynn Drive
Blue Ash, OH 45231 United States


Utilizing highly efficient unconventional training methods, Nati Ninja is an elite obstacle course training facility that offers full access to ALL Ninja activities. Come train with American Ninja Warrior Veteran James Wilson the “Nati Ninja”and other competitors from the hit television show while developing your own unique style of Ninja training. Test your skills on our elite Ninja Warrior rig, Salmon Ladder, Quintuple Steps, Dominos, Parkour Spheres, Floating Boards, Rumbling Dice, Wingnuts, Unstable Bridge, Warped Walls and so much more!!!!


2646 E. Lytle 5 Points Road
Centerville, OH 45458 United States


Time to put your ninja skills to the test! Come visit Centerville’s newest Fun and Fitness activity center! We have Ninja Obstacle Courses for adults and children! We offer drop in ninja time for kids and adults age 5 and up. We also have monthly memberships for unlimited drop ins. We will have classes coming soon.


38525 Chester Road
Avon, OH 44011 United States


In Play: CLE's 25,000 square foot facility, located in Avon, Ohio, our facility has two (2) Ninja courses that cover 2,500 square feet. These ninja courses are 60 feet by 10 feet with each having 6 sections with 1 or more obstacles per section. We also have a parkour course that is 1500 square feet for adults and a smaller parkour course for children in the front of our facility.

Swift Movement Studio

4460 W Mitchell Ave Unit 6
Cincinnati, OH 45232 United States


Swift Movement Studio offers a variety of movement classes, workshops, coaching, and private events for parkour, freerunning, aerial arts, acro yoga, ninja warrior, obstacle course training, and more activities. Our goal is to provide a single facility that you can train, learn, and be inspired by all movement arts as a way to have fun getting in shape, becoming more confident, and developing skills that will help you overcome your struggles in life.


2725 N Main St
Findlay, OH 45840 United States


XT Fitness is a diverse gym in Findlay, Ohio with NO machines that plug into the wall.  Our workouts are kettlebell, sandbag, pull-ups, step-ups, rings, burpees, etc., delivered in a high-intensity interval format.  Several members here are OC racers and we make XT the core of our training.  There are two warped walls, hanging ropes, pegboards, and more.

Xtreme Ninja Warrior

1669 West 130th Street, Suite 601
Hinckley, OH 44233 United States


Our Ninja Warrior course is no joke!! Bring your “A” game for these obstacles. Have you seen the show? We have the same obstacles, just without the water and 30 foot falls. 3 Warped Walls, Devils Steps, Salmon Ladder, Quintuple Steps, Spider Wall and Cliffhanger are just a few that will test your physical limits.

We have over 40 unique and different obstacles that will challenge the weekend Warrior or the seasoned fitness veteran.

Our course will always be evolving to create a new workout experience almost everytime you stop into the the gym.

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