Zackary Nubs Paben – Black Mountain, North Carolina

How does this person typify a humanitarian as described in the definition above?

Zack is a counselor for troubled teenagers and has dealt with them at their schools, out in the woods on wilderness retreats, and on OCR courses. He finds people with “disabilities” and shows them how to become adaptive athletes.

He counsels people with depression, PTSD, and addictions. He fights to raise awareness for, and fight against Veteran Suicides. He recently went to Europe to work with More Heart Than Scars UK and inspire adaptive athletes in Great Britain to get out and race Spartan Races.


Provide 1-3 examples of the nominee’s selfless acts within the past 12 months

Zack raced with Justin Falls at the Charlotte Spartan Sprint in the Spring and helped him be the first Quadriplegic to finish a Spartan Race.

Zack raced the Atlanta Spartan Sprint both days this Spring, event after doing the Hurricane Heat beforehand himself, and helped Michael Mills finish as a paraplegic, Kristin Lambert finish as an above the knee amputee on crutches, and Sara Chalk finish on her crutches.

Zack crawled up Stone Mountain on his hands and knees this winter to support adaptive athletes and raise money for Bert's Big Adventure so that children with terminal or chronic illnesses could be sent to Disney World with their families.


Describe the major impact that this person has had on others’ lives

Zack's major impact is that he gives everyone around him HOPE. Zack is an amputee himself, and has battled depression and substance abuse. He speaks to people from his heart, his faith, and his experiences. The Motto of his organization is “Do you have More Faith than Fear? Do you have More Love than Hate? Do you have More Hope than Despair? Do you have More Heart Than Scars?”

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