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Belmont Stakes 2019: FAQs On The Race Day :-The Belmont Stakes is the final leg of the Triple Crown Series held around first or second Saturday of June annually. This is the most important part of the Triple Crown Series because this is where the Triple Crown winner will be announced. The said event is preceded by two major legs. The first one is Kentucky Derby and the second is the Preakness Stakes. Although Belmont Stakes comes to the last leg, it is the most important and the most awaited tournament of every horse racing enthusiasts. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you would like to take part this year’s Belmont Stakes, here are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and the answers you need to know to make sure that you will not miss anything in the said show. Take note of this. ______________________________________________________ When is the 2019 Belmont Stakes?:-The Belmont Stakes is commemorated every June 6,7, and 8 annually. It is a race of three-year-old thoroughbred races. It is held in Elmont Park, New York. Most of the time, the entries in Belmont are mostly attended by the racers who took part in Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. ______________________________________________________ What time would the parking gates and admission open?:-The parking gates time were not yet announced and this will be given very soon by the Belmont Stakes organization. At the same time, the opening of the admission gates was not yet announced and it will show to the public in a few days. ______________________________________________________ Are tickets available in the venue on the race day? :-For you to get the best seating in the Belmont Stakes, you need to reserve and get a ticket in advance. Due to the fact that the event is attended by a lot of horse racing fans, you can need to get one as soon as possible. You can reserve your ticket online on accredited ticket stores or visit to see additional information about the 2019 Belmont Stakes.Only general ticket admission is available on the race day in the venue and you can only pay this through cash. ______________________________________________________ What are the things I can bring inside?:-The security during the Belmont Stakes is very tight and you need to make sure that you only bring clear plastic bottles inside. Everything is available within the race track from foods to other stuff you need. There should be no alcoholic beverages as this is highly prohibited. ______________________________________________________ Will parking be available? :-Yes, it would be available but you need to book your parking tickets earlier. The same things with booking admission tickets, you can visit accredited ticket stores online. :- ______________________________________________________ Can I pick up my reserved tickets on the Belmont Stakes Day?:-For this kind of situation, you can directly contact NYRA to set some conditions why you need to pick up the ticket on a racing day. Please take note that NYRA may only accept reasons under extenuating circumstances and they might need a proof sometimes to check the legitimacy of your condition. ______________________________________________________ Other Things You Need To Know Before You Head On To The Belmont Stakes :-As stated above, illegal drugs, firearms, alcoholic beverages, and weapons are the things you should not bring inside the racetrack, This is highly prohibited as this might cause danger to everyone. Make sure that you avoid and get rid of this so as not to be charged with any crime and enjoy your Belmont Stakes experience. ______________________________________________________ Besides, if you bring a car with you make sure that you secure a parking area correctly. Take note that parking can be expensive on the days where the tournament is held. Make sure that you get your tickets early or if not, rent a nearby place where you can park freely to make sure that you don’t have to worry about your vehicle. ______________________________________________________ On the other hand, the best things you can bring as you go along and witness the grand Belmont Stakes are your camera. Fully charge your phone and make sure you bring your power banks and spare batteries so you’ll not miss a single shot in the event. If you want to ring something bigger to get the best quality of shots, you can bring your lens cameras and have your zoom lenses ready to capture every exciting saddles and gallop of the horse racers. Be that kind of professional photographer that captures the best photos like any other photographer does. ______________________________________________________ Lastly, in most cases, things like cold cash, ATM’s, towels, and extra shirts are major things you need to hand-carry. Cash is important especially if ATM’s are experiencing technical problems and you need to buy something. Shirts and towels will keep you dry especially you are under the scorching heat of the sun. Make sure that you know these things before you head on the 2019 Belmont Stakes to makes sure that you get ultimate racing experience.

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