List of Zombie Mud Runs and Obstacle Races

Love obstacle racing and mud runs? Love (or hate) zombies? Watch The Walking Dead every week, and wonder how you could train or get into shape if that ever happened? These are the races for you then! Tackle an obstacle course or mud race, while dealing with the zombie apocalypse at the same time. (Disclaimer: participating in these races does not guarantee your survival in the event of the actual zombie apocalypse. Then again, if the zombie apocalypse happens, will there be anyone left to sue!?)


Most of these races combine your traditional obstacle race or mud run (5K or other varying distances), with the added “bonus” of dodging zombies at the same time. So don't be too focused on that wall in front of you, as there might be a zombie two steps behind you! Usually, you'll wear a belt with flags, and your goal is to make it through the course without losing all your flags. Obviously, each race can differ, so please check the specifics of each race.