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Bismarck North Dakota Medieval Rush 2013

July 06, 2013

Missouri Valley Fair Grounds

3805 E Bismarck Expressway , Bismarck, ND, United States

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July 06, 2013

Add to Calendar 07/06/2013 09:00 AM 07/06/2013 11:00 AM Bismarck North Dakota Medieval Rush 2013 Medieval Rush
Missouri Valley Fair Grounds
Missouri Valley Fair Grounds, 3805 E Bismarck Expressway , Bismarck, ND, United States Medieval Rush use-title true MM/DD/YYYY

Race Start Time:

1:00pmGates Open for Sport, Food, Music all Day, Medieval Times and BEER
2:00pmStone Throw and Tomato Toss Open (Men and Women)
3:00pmOpening Ceremony from Lancelot
3:30pmFirst Wave Rushes the course
4:00pmSecond Wave Rushes the course
4:30pmThird Wave Rushes the course
5:00pmFourth Wave Rushes the course
5:15pmMedieval Team Tug Of War (Register Online, 8 Team Tourney)
5:30pmFifth Wave Rushes the course
6:00pmSixth Wave Rushes the course
6:30pm*Tournament of Knights (Live Full Medieval Combat)
7:30pmMedievalist Man Competition (Register Online, Individual 3 way Tug Of War Tourney 18 Men)
8:00pmMedieval Dance Party-Could be in Mud
8:30pmArm Wrestling-Medieval Style-(Men and Women)
9:30pmMedieval Ceremony Lancelot –Rewards
10:35pmFireworks! Weather and County Permitting


Missouri Valley Fair Grounds
3805 E Bismarck Expressway
Bismarck, ND, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:



Medieval Rush

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Use discount code MRG15 for 15% off your registration


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Who’s Attending?

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Cost & Pricing:

Individual CostUntil
$55March 25th, 2013
$65May 27th, 2013
$75June 24th, 2013 (Online registration closes)
$95Race Day Registration (if available)

Sorry Medievals there are no refunds for the Run, Team Tug O War or Medievalist Man.
$50 Medieval Team Tug Of War(8 Team Tourney)
$30 Medievalist Man Competition(Individual 3 way Tug Of War Tourney 18 Men)
$5 Tomato Toss (walk up)
$5 Stone Throw (walk up)

What You Get / What's Included:

  • An Official Medieval T-shirt
  • 1 Beer for each participant who is of legal age to consume alcohol.


Course Description:

Medieval Rush is an All-Terrain run that test your Guts, Glory, Honor and Medievalism. The conquering ground is 5.1ish Kilometers with a grueling set of obstacles. The Moat of Mud, Hells Fires, Castle Walls and Barbed Wire Frenzy are just a few. Other events to participate in during the day are Team Tug O War, Stone Throw, Tomato Toss and Medievalist Man. Medieval Rush is a day full of entertainment where participants and spectators alike have a Medieval Time of Sport, Food, Music, Live Full Medieval Fights and BEER.

Team Tug O War: Rules are you have to be 18 years of age or older, you can have women and man on a team or just all women or just all men, whatever you may choose. 5 Medieval team members total on the end of your rope. It is a tournament with a single elimination rule. Each team is guaranteed one battle and if you keep winning you could have a total of 3 battles. No substitutions during the event only 5 people to a team. So you start and finish with the same Five people. We have a 40 foot rope with one team on one end and another team on the other. Both teams standing 6 feet from the edge of a Medieval Mud Filled Moat! First team to pull one of the other teams member or members into the Mud Filled Moat Wins! Simple and Medieval!!!!! Online Registrations Only: $50 per team (Only 8 Teams Total-Sign Up)

Medievalist Man: 8 men will enter and one man will leave! It is an Individual 3 way Tug Of War Tourney. How it works, 3 men at a time will enter the middle of the battle circle, One man will grab one end, another will grab the other end and one man will grab the center of a 6 foot long Medieval battle rope. Each man will have a designated area to reach outside of the circle by pulling the other two men to it. The first man to reach his area while still holding onto the rope wins. It is a tournament of 18 men, getting down to 2 men in the final. Rules: If you let go of the rope you are disqualified, No punching, No Kicking, No Elbowing, No Spitting, No help from others, No Medieval Language. Just Pure Medieval Pulling Power!!! Online Registrations Only: $30 per man (Only 18 men total- Sign Up)

Tomato Toss: Opens at 2pm and Ends at 7pm (Location Specific) or until all the tomatoes are gone! So first come first serve, literally. This is fun for all medieval people. Object is you have one throw to hit a medieval target about 20yds away. If you hit the target you win a Medieval Rush T-Shirt, Bandanna or Medieval Helmet, whichever you choose but choose wisely because you only get one per hit. This is Pretty Medieval Neat. Winner Gets: Medieval Rush T-shirt, 1 Free Beer (If of Age), Stays Medieval h3, Medieval Rights to Medievalist and a total of $100 Cash Money!

Medieval Stone Throw Opens at 2pm and ends at 7pm (Location Specific). This is a competition for men and women. We will have a 5×5 square box with a stone weighing 25lbs for men and 15lbs for women. The participant picks up the stone and throws it how they would like out into the measuring area. You can only take one throw at a time and not go over the designated square box, if you do, the throw does not count and you do not get another try without paying. There will be only one winner for men and one for women. The longest throw throughout the day wins! Really Easy and Really Medieval! Registration: Walk Up the Day of the Event Starts at 2pm and last throw is at 7pm $5 a Toss (can’t do back to back tosses) Winners Get: Medieval Rush T-shirt, 1 Free Beer (If of Age), Gets Medieval Bragging Rights and a total of $50 Cash Money! Winning Team Gets: Medieval Rush T-shirts, 5 Free Beers, Stays Medieval Clean and a total of $200 Cash Money!

See Live Full Medieval Combat. It will be a Tournament of Knights. They will do full one on one medieval combat with swords, shields and axes in a 20×20 arena! You will be able to cheer on your favorite knight and possibly win some medieval swag. After the tourney the knights will fight in a battle royal style of all of them in the arena and the last man standing will win the Royal Battle. Exciting, Entertaining, Professional and Extremely Medieval!

Aid Stations:

Water before, during and after the events.


Best Run Time for Overall Male: $250
Best Run Time for Overall Female: $250
Best Run Time Overall: $250
Best Medieval Costume Male
Best Medieval Costume Female
Medievalist Man
Stone Throw
Team Tug O War
*FYI Winnings maybe paid out in $1 dollar bills-You will have to win and see!
**If a winner is currently a high school or college athlete, they may defer their winnings to a foundation of their liking.


You can come as a spectator and GO Medieval for the Day!! You can dress up with a costume, eat food, drink beer, encourage friends, watch Live Full Medieval Fights, and take in all the events of the day. $10 at the Gate (Cash Only) on the Day of the Event.
*Kids 10 and under are FREE!


It’s FREE. When you get to the event location it will be quite obvious where to park and there will be Medievals there to help you.

Post Party:

Free Live Full Medieval Fights!
Free Medieval Dance Party!


There will be an area to hose down to get the Mud and Medieval off. Sorry, No Showers, just a hose down area.
If you feel uncomfortable with an obstacle simply walk around it. But you won't be able to win a prize.
WE GIVE BACK: Medieval Rush believes in supporting the community in which our events are held. We make every effort to use local business for our services and needs. We also strongly believe in helping those of in need. Every event that we produce, we have a local charity or foundation that we donate a portion of the proceeds.

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