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Cuba Illinois Gut Check Fitness The Ultimate SUCK 2019

August 30, 2019


Cuba, IL, United States


August 30, 2019

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Event starts at 7:00pm


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Cost & Pricing:

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$319$219$119March 12, 2019
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What You Get / What's Included:

  • Finishers Challenge Coin


Course Description:

This will be a very challenging and somewhat grueling 36 hour event. Our goal is to combine strenuous Mid-Western farm chores with military boot camp, trail running, strongman training, and whatever else somewhat punishing we can come up with. Think of it as Conan the Barbarian meets Full Metal Jacket with a dash of Deliverance mixed in for fun! You may want to get familiar with shooting a shot gun, bailing or carrying hay, using post hole diggers, carrying all kinds of heavy stuff. We would also recommend going to a pig or calf scramble at the local fair! Plus, you may want to experience the effects of pepper spray!haha...Again these are all JUST possibilities and the actual tasks will not be revealed until you encounter them at the event.
Created by Guinness World Record Holder and 2 x Death Race Winner, Joe Decker. Each overnight SUCK consists of many hours of intense individual fitness challenges consisting of miles of trail running, carrying heavy objects, military calisthenics plus strongman training and more. Even though the SUCK is extremely challenging the end goal is about EMPOWERMENT. We are not there to crush you but to motivate you. We all have weaknesses and you'll find them out there in the woods around 2 AM in the morning. Recognize them then adapt and overcome. The male and female winner of each Regional SUCK gets a VIP package at the Ultimate SUCK. Come join us at one of the voted ""Most Extreme Fitness Tests in America“.
We are also offer a 4 Hour GUT CHECK at the same location as the SUCK event and will start at the same time 7 PM Friday. It's a great intro to the 12 Hour SUCK. It will consist of bucket & sandbag carries, fell running, military calisthenics, strongman events and much more! Think of it as Conan the Barbarian meets Running Man with a dash of Full Metal Jacket thrown in.


Base camp will be your tent in a hay field. No RVs or buses please! You are NOT allowed to sleep once the event begins.

REQUIRED GEAR: (list may change closer to the event)
• Ruck Sack / Backpack - I personally recommend a 60 liter / 3500 cubic inch
• Camelbak hydration plus pack - recommend 70 - 100 oz
• Splitting maul
• Two x 5 gallon buckets (NO MODIFICATIONS)
• Guys 2 x 50lb sandbags - gals 2 x 30lb sandbags
• Military Duffle Bag (this will be filled with 1/2 your body weight)
• Box of 12 gauge shotgun shells
• Life jacket
• Headlamp plus spare batteries

• Trail Shoes
• Work gloves
• Workout gear
• Rain gear
• Plenty of food & water
• Tent & sleeping gear - suggested, just in case you drop
• Insect repellent
• Roll of duct tape
• Suggested - poison ivy/oak remedy & first aid kit

Gut Check Fitness, LLC policy is that there are NO REFUNDS and/or TRANSFERS. You are making a commitment to train, work hard, stay focused then to show up and 'Embrace the SUCK'.

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