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Dallas / Ft Worth Texas Autumn Daze Craze 2014

September 13, 2014

The Texas Backlot

12700 Calloway Cemetery Rd, Euless, TX, United States


September 13, 2014

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The Texas Backlot
The Texas Backlot, 12700 Calloway Cemetery Rd, Euless, TX, United States Autumn Daze Craze use-title true MM/DD/YYYY

Race Start Time:

First Heat: 8:15 am
Last heat: 5 pm


The Texas Backlot
12700 Calloway Cemetery Rd
Euless, TX, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:



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Cost & Pricing:

Individual CostUntil

What You Get / What's Included:

  • Medal
  • T-Shirt


Course Description:

Possible Obstacles to look for:
1.) The Swamp - Turn 1 of the course is a very soft, soapy, wet, muddy area.
2.) Jacobs Ladder - 14' ladder type structure against a 20' hill.
3.) Rocky/Rebar Trail - A trail laced with brick, rocks, cinder blocks and rebar.
4.) Monkey Boards - Horizontal Boards structure used similar to Monkey Bars.
5.) Tire Jungle - Hanging Tires to run thru with Tires on ground to step thru.
6.) Balance Beams - 3 balance beams to choose from to walk across
7.) Arm Walk - Parallel bars type structure
8.) The Drag - Drag a tire or cinder block a certain number of feet and back.
9.) Tire mountain- 210 Tires steel banded together in a pyramid shape to crawl over.
10.) Rope down hill- One 73' Rope Rail down steep hillside
11.) Hill Climb - landscape timbers embedded into hillside used as steps to climb steep 50' hillside.
12.)) Normandy Crosses - Wooden X's wound with rope, inside River Sand Trap to crawl under.
13.) Pallet Mountain - 4 level 16' Wooden Structure to crawl up & over, or, climb up and slide down 2 rope options.
14.) Concrete Tubes - 2 areas of concrete culvert tubes to crawl thru and jump over.
15.) Rubber Whack - Pound a BIG Tire with a sledgehammer 10 times
16.) Rope Wall - A very steep 12' wall to crawl up using ropes hanging down. You will crawl down the opposite side which is a ladder type structure.
17.) Water obstacle - 4 Dumpsters filled with Sudsy water to crawl in and out of. (Subject to change)
18.) Avalanche Hill - 3 ropes to lower oneself down very loose rock 80' hillside.
19.) Hill Slide - Very loose gravel hill side. Sitting NOT recommended!
20.) Great Wall - 80' board climb on very steep hillside.
21.) Tower Rope Hill - 2 58' ropes leading down a 50' hill to finish line.

Aid Stations:

There will be water along the course in at least 2 maybe 3 places and an LVN / 2 First Responder Kits standing by.
There is Fresh Fruit bags and Water at the Finish line!


This is a challenge yourself, obstacle course training run. All runners can opt to run the course as many times as slots are available for no extra fee, for those runners wanting to be timed.


Spectators are $10


Parking is FREE but Limited. Carpooling is recommended.

Post Party:

There is NO Post Party but there is Live Music during the event. There will be vendors onsite. FREE Lemonade/Iced Tea


A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation 5013(c) who researches and fights Brain Tumors in children. The survival rate in 1984 of children with Brain Tumors was 5%. A virtual death sentence but today with the help of people like you and I and the research of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, there is a 90% survival rate! We're kicking butt and we invite you to join us and be a part of the Battle against Brain Tumors in Children!


Anyone wishing to form a TEAM and compete against other Teams should contact us by email. If we have enough interest, we will designate a time slot and competition run with some sort of prize for each winning team member!

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