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Eagle Idaho Tater Dash Mud Run 2016

July 16, 2016

Twin Oaks Farms

3250 N Eagle Rd, Eagle, ID, United States


July 16, 2016

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Twin Oaks Farms
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Race Start Time:

First heat at 8 am with following heats every two hours until we run out of participants.


Twin Oaks Farms
3250 N Eagle Rd
Eagle, ID, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:

5.2 miles


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Cost & Pricing:

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$35March 1, 2016
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What You Get / What's Included:

  • T-Shirt


Course Description:

1) Sage Brush Hill: A very tall, very steep hill with a trail winding through five to six foot tall sage bushes.
2) Skillet Mud Pit: The first mud pit, relatively shallow.
3) Greased Pig Alley: A long, extremely slippery downhill slide.
4) The Hole: The second mud pit is also the deepest. You may have to swim to cross.
5) Hog Troughs: A series of narrow mud pits.
6) Hog Pen: A winding, maze-like mud pit.
7) Drop Off Trench: A brief uphill run with an abrupt edge dropping into a mud pit.
8) Great Marsh: A flooded potato field.
9) Everglades Swamp: An even bigger flooded potato field.
10) Bath Tub: A smaller mud pit of comparatively clean water.You're half-way there!
11) Slippery Slope: A short uphill run to a steep mud slide.
12) Craters of the Moon: A series of holes and rock obstacles.
13) Paul Bunyan Sawmill: A series of gigantic log obstacles.
14) Sage Brush Flats: A deceptive test of balance along a narrow concrete ledge.
15) Pumpkin Patch: Exactly what it sounds like. Watch out for the vines!
16) Mud Dip: A quick cool down to keep you going.
17) Log Trench: Nice and shady, but very narrow with fallen log obstacles and abrupt drop offs.
18) Old Mine: Hope you don't suffer from claustrophobia.
19) Cowboy Corrals: A series of cattle panels to climb over. Think you can go around? The Cowboy may change your mind.
20) Bat Cave: Like the Old Mine, but even smaller.
21) King Tater's Climb and Slide: A steep rope climb followed by a mud slide to the final obstacle.
22) Mashed Potatoes and Mud Gravy: It looks easy. It's not. The potatoes are thick and sticky and the gravy is slick as snot, plus you're already exhausted. Good thing it's over!

Aid Stations:

There will be eight to ten water stations roughly every two holes, as well as a few strategically placed porta potties.
Fruit and protein snacks will be available at the finish line. some mud pits will be manned by volunteers while others have closed-circuit cameras.
An EMT will be on site to monitor the cameras and respond in case of injuries.


There is no cost to Spec-Taters. A tractor-pulled wagon will convey Spec-Taters to two viewing stations at the start of each heat. The view is great, but the farm is big, so we recommend that Spec-Taters bring binoculars.
Everyone, Tater Dashers and Spec-Taters alike are invited to enjoy our Russet Row food vendors and stay for the weighing of our record-breaking mashed potato serving at 8 pm.


Parking is free, but we are asking for donations to the Idaho Internet Crimes Against Children Coalition.
Our parking capacity is 600-800 vehicles. The parking lot is a harvest wheat field, so we advise against driving your sports car or vintage roadster.

Post Party:

The best part! Sure the mud run is fun and the course is awesome, but Russet Row will have ten vendors, each serving a unique potato dish. You'll see a lot of traditional favorites, but also some new varieties.
How about a shot of potato vodka to take the edge off those sore muscles and help you shake your taters to the music of our all-day DJ and feature live band. And did I mention that the grand finale is an attempt to set the Guinness Book World Record for largest serving of mashed potatoes? You don't want to miss that!


The Tater Tots Run will be set up at the starting line, for kids that don't want to run the course but would still like to get dirty. That being said, our youngest runner last year was three years old. We ask parents to use their own discretion and keep in mind that while the course was designed for adults, there are some kids that can handle it with ease. Canine runners are also welcome, provided that they are well behaved and owners are responsible for their cleanup. No one wants to get bitten or step in dog poop.
This is a working farm, so if your dog likes to chase birds and animals, we recommend a leash or leave Fido at home.
There will be open showers for a quick clean and few private stalls for the extra dirty Taters who require a more thorough wash.
Our run is more about making fitness fun than being competitive, but we will be providing times for the more dedicated athletes. A time clock at the finish line will be reset at the start of each heat.
Heat sizes will be determined by number of runners at the close of registration.


We aren't requiring teams but would like to see all Tater Dashers being equally supportive of each other. Since this isn't a competition there's no reason not to help your fellow Taters out.

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