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Girard Pennsylvania WLD Ranch Stampede Adventure Run 2017

September 30, 2017

WLD Ranch

7351 Woolsey Road, Girard, PA, United States


September 30, 2017

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WLD Ranch
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Race Start Time:

The 5K Stampede heats start at 8:00am with the final heat starting close to 9:00am. There are heats every 10 to 15 mins, with 4-20 people per heat (dependent on how many are ready to go by heat start time). The 2K Family Run heats start at 11:00am and the final heat starting close to 11:30am. There are heats every 3-5 mins. The Heats wil consist of individual families. One family will go per heat.


WLD Ranch
7351 Woolsey Road
Girard, PA, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:

2K, 5K


Stampede Adventure Run

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Who’s Attending?

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Cost & Pricing:

5K Stampede Cost2K Family Run CostUntil
$40$10Registration Closes

What You Get / What's Included:

  • T-Shirt (5K)
  • Stampede bracelets (2K)


Course Description:

This is a 5K obstacle run. Throughout the 5K there are 18 varying obstacles. This race will not only test your physical endurance but also your mental as you trek through the woods, fight against the alternating terrains, and battle against the unthinkable expectations our course sets for you. Can you survive the Stampede?
There is also a 2K family run that follows the Stampede Run for families who have young children who are are still looking to have fun. This 2K only consists of 7 obstacles. These obstacles are a variation consisting of a few of the 5K's and adding some new ones that even the smaller kids can overcome. All obstacles in the 2K are designed to be easier and more kid friendly. This Run takes a different route then the 5K Stampede with slight stretches of overlap (both events will not be running at the same time, Family 2K follows the 5K Stampede).

Aid Stations:

First aid station is near the start and finish line. Paramedics are within 15 mins from event. There is water, fruit and granola bars at the end of race to help the process of rehydrating. There is also a drink station placed roughly halfway through the 5K. There is no drink station placed for the 2K Family Run.


There is no cost to spectators, however there is a viewing area in which they must remain. The viewing area is a large area and allows the spectators to see the runners clear several obstacles. The Spectators may not follow the runners throughout the course. If someone wishes to follow the runners the whole course then they may pay the course fee at the beginning, they do have to complete each obstacle.


Parking is free. The parking lot is close to the start and finish line, no shuttles are needed.

Post Party:

No post part but there will be refreshments at the end of the Run to help rehydrate those who ran.


All proceeds will go to help the continuing development of the programs, facilities and ministry of our organization.
The minimum age for the 5K Stampede is anyone age 16 and older (or students age 12-15 who register with a parent, youth leader, or guardian).
The minimum age for the 2K Family Run is determined by the parents running with them. Free admission for ages 3 and under.
The 5K is designed for those who seek adventure. The course is not designed to be easy, and is geared for those who are physically able. This course is not accessible for those with physical disabilities. Participants must be physically able to complete the course and all obstacles.
Each wave sent out will be timed. This event has a tendency to make participants a little dirty, but there are no showers provided so bring dry clothes and plan accordingly.


The course is a team-oriented run where the objective is to complete the course successfully together. One is welcome to run the course individually if they wish. people are sent out in heats, some heats may just be one group and some others may just be a random bunching. Groups may sign up for a time if they wish to race in the same heat.

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