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Grand Junction Michigan DucknDodge 2014

June 21, 2014

Warner Camp

60 55th St, Grand Junction, MI, United States


June 21, 2014

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Warner Camp
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Warner Camp
60 55th St
Grand Junction, MI, United States - View Map

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Cost & Pricing:

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What You Get / What's Included:

  • Unique DucknDodge t-shirt


Course Description:

Oh, this is gonna be good! You gonna want hike up yer britches, grab yer gun, and holler to all the kin'folk around as you man-oover 'round this bad boy...

“COOTER'S GREASER”: wood slanted ramp w/ slippery recycled motor oil and ropes
“DATIN' MY DAUGHTER” ALLEY: watch out! Relatives throw “vegetables” (water balloons), or low impact paintball shootin’ from Pappy on the porch.
“TUBIN' MOUNTAIN”: the Goodyear vertical tire climb
“HOP DA FENCE”: a series of wooden fences to hurdle (just don't hurl, Del).
""TUNE IN A BUCKIT”: fill your bucket and get movin' from point A to... B.
“MULLET MULLIGAN"": creative shortcuts around an obstacle
“NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK”: belly crawl tunnel maze of hay bales
“ROADKILL ROAD”: portion of race on 55th st. where runners have to avoid becoming the next ""frogger""-esque scenario.
“HANGIN BY A THREAD”: cross ol’ alligator gulley hangin’ upside down on a rope
“LESTER LILY PAD”: leap from pad to pad across a section of Lake Lester
“MANURE MASH”: do you dare? You’re up to your kneecaps… in.. um … yep. :) (bypass available)
“JIMMYJON JIMNASTICKS”: balance beam bridges
“SKEETER HILL”: large slip-n-slide down Mosquito Hill
“BACKHAIR BRUSH”: dense, winding, wooded area of course with fallen trees, bushes, porcupines, grizzily bears, etc.

Aid Stations:

EMT and Ambulance on standby. Fruit & water available.


Spectators are free


Parking is Free


100% of profits go to charity.
Kids race - Duckling Dash
Event is timed.
Secure Locker Tent available.

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