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Medford New Jersey indoc Elite Warrior Challenge 2013

September 07, 2013

Indian Acres Tree Farm Inc

111 Tuckerton Road, Medford, NJ, United States


September 07, 2013

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Indian Acres Tree Farm Inc
Indian Acres Tree Farm Inc, 111 Tuckerton Road, Medford, NJ, United States indoc Elite Warrior Challenge use-title true MM/DD/YYYY

Race Start Time:

idoc will begin at 8:00 am and heats will run every half hour. We expect heats of 500 to 1,000 runners.


Indian Acres Tree Farm Inc
111 Tuckerton Road
Medford, NJ, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:

5 Miles


indoc Elite Warrior Challenge

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Who’s Attending?

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Cost & Pricing:

CostTeam Size
$95Teams of 5 or 10
$90Teams of 15 or 20

What You Get / What's Included:

  • Dog Tags
  • T-Shirt


Course Description:

This indoc event will have a 5-mile course with at least 10 challenging obstacles.

Aid Stations:

We will have several aid stations and water/fruit tables throughout the course. EMT personnel will also be on site.


Coming soon.


Spectators may watch the indoc event for free!


Parking will be either at the location or in the local area with buses bringing participants to and from the event location. We will post parking locations on our website as we approach the event date. Please check out web site frequently for updates!

Post Party:

Yes. We plan to have live music and vendors.


Every branch of the United States military has its own organic Special Forces. These elite units operate under intense conditions for extended periods of time. Although each Special Forces unit is unique, one thing holds true for all of them: to be a member, you must first endure Indoctrination (INDOC).

INDOC is a basic qualification tool and a recognized rite of passage among Special Forces operators. Whether it’s the Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, Air Force Para-Rescue, or Marine Corps Force Recon, INDOC holds a special meaning. INDOC not only tests the individual physically, but it also tests mental toughness. Most of all, INDOC reveals the elite warrior — someone who is capable of working on a team in extreme circumstances.

Do you have the qualities of an elite warrior? Now you can find out. Designed by current and former U.S. military members, this event will challenge you and foster teamwork. It will test whether you have the mental and physical toughness to complete a course designed to make you fail. Do you have what it takes to pass INDOC?


Yes! We also have discounts for team members!!

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