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Oak Harbor Ohio The Night of the Dead Run 2014

October 11, 2014

Ottawa County Fair Grounds

7870 W.State Route 163, Oak Harbor, OH, United States


October 11, 2014

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Ottawa County Fair Grounds
Ottawa County Fair Grounds, 7870 W.State Route 163, Oak Harbor, OH, United States Black Swamp Runner use-title true MM/DD/YYYY

Race Start Time:

Wave times of up to 150 participants will launch every 30 minutes from 7pm until 11pm


Ottawa County Fair Grounds
7870 W.State Route 163
Oak Harbor, OH, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:



Black Swamp Runner

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Cost & Pricing:

Individual CostUntil
$35August 10th, 2014
$39September 10th, 2014
$49October 3rd, 2014 (Online Registration Closes)
$59Race Day Registration (if available)

What You Get / What's Included:

  • Free Beer
  • Custom designed T-Shirt
  • Custom designed unique medal and ribbon


Course Description:

Obstacle #1 Hay Day - Starting things off on the course with a row of single high hay bales, double high hay bales , then large round bales all spaced to spread out our participants.
Obstacle #2 Gladiator- A rope assisted climb up a 60 degree angle wall 12 feet high to a flat platform, followed by a 16 feet long cargo net bridge to the second platform and slide down a wood angled wall back to the course.
Obstacle #3 The old spare tire - A series of tires not so neatly stacked tires of every size and shape from small hybrid car tires to environmental killing heavy equipment tires to all to navigate through.
Obstacle #4 The Burial mound - This is a 10 feet high pile of dirt respectively placed, but be sure not to disturb the dead.
Obstacle #5 The Freedom Climb - First you have to wade, crawl, or jump a crossed a water hole then climb a vertical cargo net 12 feet high to a platform where you can work your way down another angled wall to freedom!
Obstacle #6 Black Widow’s Web - There are webs then there are Black Widow Webs this web spans from tree to tree and ground to sky and never seems to end. Get out if you can!!
Obstacle #7 The Over Pass - Climb a 45 degree angle incline high enough to safely pass over other competitors’ the back to the course on a steady decline.
Obstacle #8 Under Cover - Dive to your belly and crawl under the camouflage nets to avoid being detected 30 feet of cover to disappear in.
Obstacle #9 Walk the line - Usually an easy task, but narrow it down to 6 inches wide and raise it from 1 foot to 4 foot up and down, up and down for 40 feet not so easy.
Obstacle #10 Black Hills - As soon as you cross the creek and short meadow you will climb across the peaks and valleys of the Black Hills before descending back to the course.
Obstacle # 11 The Leach Field - As the Black Swamp area you will enter the muck, mud, and water. Then trudge your way up the creek trying to avoid Natures pets.
Obstacle #12 The Mine Shaft - A simple jog to the refreshing water stop before entering the old abandon mine.
Obstacle #13 Cyprus Cross - Balance yourself on a slippery Cyprus log as you cross 35’ of open water, muck, and mud.
Obstacle #14 The Triple Burrow - Choose your path between two narrow tunnels or, a larger one if you are Uncomfortable with tight places and dark spaces
Obstacle #15 The Stockade - After a trip through the woods along the Portage River you’ll come upon a 12’ high 16’ wide vertical climbing wall built with rungs to help you climb straight up and straight down
Obstacle #16 The Summit - You continue through the woods, weeds and vines down through the Cat Tails and swamp land all to climb a giant dirt hill to the Summit, where you can catch a glimpse of the finish if you don’t have mud in your eyes
Obstacle #17 Slippery Feet - You find yourself on the edge of an inland pond where things get a little slippery when wet! And we will make sure it’s WET!!
Obstacle #18 Under Pressure - Once again hit the dirt and slither under 25’ of heavy plastic coated chain link fence. The only thing keeping it up is you or the person next to you.
Obstacle #19 The Nose Bleed - Everyone has a Cargo Climb but not everyone has a 60 degree Cargo Climb that reaches 16’ from the ground. Once at the top all you have to do wave to the crowd and climb down the other side!
Obstacle #20 Hostel Water - Off the Cargo Climb and back to the pond, in the Black Swamp all water is Hostel. You never know what you will encounter.
Obstacle #21 Black Swamp Bog - You made it to the end, almost, now all you have to do is get DOWN and DIRTY in the Black Swamp Bog. Just not on your feet, crawl or swim through 35’ of slippery, slimy, mucky mud to the finish.

Aid Stations:

Paramedics will be on standby
There are 3 water tables


Spectators are free, parking fee still applies
Our course is 85% spectator friendly and can be viewed largely from the massive grandstands between the start and finish lines. There are also strategically placed bleachers near the Black Swamp Bog (giant mud pit) the course can also be viewed from several places within walking distance. Spectators are always welcome at the after party to share in the excitement.


Parking will be handled by the Ottawa County Fair Grounds and will be $10.00 per car so pack them in. Parking is abundant and very close to the course and after party area. Due to the proximity of parking there will be no bag check .

Post Party:

The last wave goes out at 11:30p.m. so we'll be partying until the next day!!
D.J. , Food, Beer and, lights lots of crazy lights


This is a night run, Halloween based but, NOT a Zombie Run! Zombies are welcome but there will not be flags or chasing. We are lighting the course in a verity of ways and there will be special lighting in the spooky woods. We will not be timing this because we want you to take your time and experience the course in a whole new light or No light! We encourage our volunteers and staff to dress up but they are there to oversee not come after you. At night the course just feels spooky so grab a friend or a group because no one wants to do it in the dark alone.

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