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Randle Washington Summit to Swamp 2018

May 05, 2018

McMahan Farms

156 Peters Rd., Randle, WA, United States

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May 05, 2018

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McMahan Farms
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Race Start Time:

This course is ""unlimited run"" from 10am - 2pm. The course must be completely cleared by 2:30pm. Those who would like to race against other competitive souls should be ready to run at 10am for a ""clear"" course. Of course, you may create races with your friends at anytime during the day.


McMahan Farms
156 Peters Rd.
Randle, WA, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:

4 miles


Summit To Swamp Mud Run

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Use discount code MRG5 for $5 off your registration


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Who’s Attending?

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Cost & Pricing:

Adult CostYouth (12 & Under) CostUntil
$40$30April 1, 2018
$50$40Online Registration Closes
$60$50Race Day Registration

What You Get / What's Included:

  • Event T-Shirt
  • Snack and drink
  • Free digital photos
  • Unlimited runs


Course Description:

This course will be 4 miles (+/-) from steep hillside to flatland swamp. It will be at your own pace, so the ""toughness"" will depend on how hard you want to push yourself through it.
Planned Obstacles These are not in order and are subject to change.
1) Hill Climb--quick 300 ft elevation rise with obstacles along the way
2) Slip n Slide--150 ft water slide
3) Bale Wall--Round bales stacked high into a formidable wall to cross
4) Mud Bog Slough--about 100 ft distance of deep, mucky mud
5) Water Crossing 1--cross on a bridge of inflated inner tubes
6) Water Crossing 2--cross on a bridge of rope and not-so-stable logs
7) Rubber Mountain--climb the mountain of huge tires to ring the bell
8) Dark Maze--crawl through a tunnel maze with zero light
9) Little Light Maze--another dark maze with just a little light
10) Butt Slide--steep, slick hill- you will probably end up on your butt
11) Rock Face Revenge--scale the rock face with rope or cargo net
12) Under the Waterfall--not really UNDER, but close--rocks and water
13) Baling Twine Belly Crawl--no barbed wire or electricity, just mud
14) Water Crossing 3--cross the water on a horizontal cargo net
15) Monkey Mayhem--jumble of logs spanning mud and water
16) Wobbly Balance Beam--walk 1 wiggly log or both, or crawl across
17) Tarzan Swing--swing from rope to rope to cross an obstacle
18) Yoga Ball Push--push a watery yoga ball up a steep muddy slope
19) Tire Climb--climb up and over a high web of connected tires
20) Tire Swings and Single Rope Swings across the creek
21) Raft Trip--navigate across the pond with an ""boat"" and paddle
22) Hay Bale Hurdles--a series of hay bale obstacles to cross
Other obstacles will be added as we finalize the course route.

Aid Stations:

A main aid station and EMT's will be on site. Stations with snack food and water will be scattered throughout the course.


We will create some awards for those who want to be creative and outlandish. This run is going to be quite informal, focused on lots of fun and memory making. Awards will be created as deemed deserved.


Prizes/awards will be created as deemed deserved.


Spectators are free and welcome. We are trying to design the course so many obstacles can be seen from a central location. Spectators are welcome to attend the Dinner and bonfire, but should purchase a Dinner ticket before May 3. See the Spectator Ticket link to purchase a Dinner ticket.


Parking is free and will be quite close to registration... close enough that you can keep your valuables locked in your vehicle.

Post Party:

We will be holding a potluck-style dinner toward evening and will have the bonfire going. Somebody will probably have music blaring over a speaker throughout the evening. BRING YOUR OWN SEATING. Please purchase dinner tickets before May 3 if you plan to eat with us.


No age limit, but youth, 12 and under, must be accompanied by an adult at all times while on the course. We expect parents to use common sense and good judgement toward the safety and ability of their child. Liability releases must be signed for every participant, regardless of age.
No childcare will be available.
We will have a hose station (cold water) to clean yourself up. There will also be a dry changing area, which we will try to heat... no promises though.
Parking will be close enough to be able to store your gear in your vehicle.
It is unlimited run for everyone. This will allow families and friends to have a great day together.
You can purchase dinner on site, but will not be able to go through the line until all prepaid diners have been served.
Bring your own seating, and a pop-up canopy if you like.


We are not registering teams online. If you want to create a team and find another team to compete against, then go for it! This run is all about fun and creating memories. We ask that any created competition be handled with good sportsmanship, courtesy, consideration, and respect. If you would like to organize some team competition, we will do our best to accommodate you. Please contact the coordinator at:

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