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Randle Washington Summit To Swamp Mud Run 2017

August 26, 2017

McMahan Farms

156 Peters Rd., Randle, WA, United States

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August 26, 2017

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McMahan Farms
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Race Start Time:

First wave of runners out at 9:00am, then every 15 minutes thereafter. Number of runners per wave will depend on attendees. Last runners out at 1:00pm. (Time may change based on number of runners). Staff Sweep Run to clear the course 90 minutes after last runners out.


McMahan Farms
156 Peters Rd.
Randle, WA, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:

4 miles, 1 mile


Summit To Swamp Mud Run

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Use discount code MRG5 for $5 off your registration


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Who’s Attending?

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Cost & Pricing:

Adult CostYouth CostKids Run CostUntil
$30$15$10Registration Closes
$35$20$15Race Day Registration

What You Get / What's Included:

  • Kids Run Finishers Medal


Course Description:

This mud run has 13 natural and man made obstacles over a scenic 4 mile course in the foothills of the Big Bottom Valley. The Hill Climb gains 300 feet of elevation in less than a 1/4 mile. The flat land is full of fun (and dirty) obstacles. This run is designed to be a test of grit for those who want it, yet fun for the whole family. Most obstacles can be bypassed in some way for those who are not ready to meet that challenge.
CHALLENGES may include:
• Hill Climb-300 ft elevation climb and drop in appx 1/4 mile
• Slip-n-Slide-black plastic wet slide down a fairly steep hill
• Troll Crossing-run the creekbed under the bridge
• Deep Water Cross-appx 10ft deep and appx 20ft across-either swim, pull yourself across hanging onto a rope, or traverse the ropes stretched from side to side
• Belly Mud Crawl-crawl under a low obstacle through at least ankle deep water/mud
• Rope Swing-try to swing 50 ft across a waist deep mud bog
• River Run-run a section of knee deep river
• Sand Pit-run a section of soft beach sand
• Log Crawl-over, under, and through a natural log obstacle
• Fence Balance-cross the barbed wire fences by running up one plank and down the other side
• Bog Run-run through the natural bog
• Creek Run-wade a section of waist deep creek water then run the sandy bank.
• Mud Pit-hopefully it will be rather mucky
The kids course is just a mile long and will include the Creek Run, the Mud Pit, and another obstacle or two.

Aid Stations:

One station after the Hill Climb, one at the Belly Crawl, and another station at the River Run (about midpoint). EMT's on site. Local aid on standby.


Spectators are free. Spectators may roam somewhat freely. Course needs to be cleared after last runners have gone through. Sound system will be set up if anyone wants to hang around.


Free---grassy field parking close to start/finish areas.

Post Party:

Sound system will be set up if anyone wants to hang around. Water and a snack will be provided at the finish line. Light concessions and drinks will be available.


Our local cross country team (Morton-White Pass) is helping to run this event and will receive a large portion of the proceeds.
You will be running in a variety of beautiful areas with awesome views of Mt Adams and the surrounding foothills. You will be in trees, fields, and riverbanks. The surroundings alone are worth the trip.
We want this to be a family friendly event, so ages are not restricted. We will not be selling alcohol, and ask that anyone bringing their own please do so responsibly.
We will record times for fun only, and so the fastest can have bragging rights. Most obstacles have another route around for those who are not comfortable with that challenge.
We will have a wash area and a changing area available.
Bring your own lawn chairs and choice of shade. There is plenty of room.
Event Tshirts can be ordered with registration for $15.
Come to have fun and give us ideas to help make this THE annual event that you won't ever want to miss.


No teams at this time.

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