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Salt Lake City Utah Man Games 2013

September 07, 2013

Midway Fair Grounds

Heber City, UT, United States


September 07, 2013

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Midway Fair Grounds
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Race Start Time:

12:00pm- teams will last about 10-20mins on each event.


Midway Fair Grounds
Heber City, UT, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:



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Cost & Pricing:

Individual CostUntil
$120Registration Closes

Refunds as needed
10% Military Discount

What You Get / What's Included:

  • T-Shirt
  • Schwag Bag
  • Bottles
  • Medal
  • Bruises


Course Description:

There will be a difficult obstacle course- but most of the individual challenges will be super fun and will test your strength and agility!

All Sport Challenge - This event consists of an all-around sport challenge, including distance and speed measurement. You will see how far you can throw a football, kick a soccer ball, shoot a basketball, hit a baseball, toss a Frisbee, and how fast you can pitch a baseball. All of this will be compared and weighted together to discover the best overall athlete as well as individual event prowess.
Standing Long Jump - A traditional long jump where team members are pitted against one another to see who have the most powerful jump.
Cattle Drive - As a team you must move a truck 100 yards and back by any means necessary. You can push it, pull it, roll it, or lift it. This event requires teamwork and intelligence in order to move thousands of pounds of metals.
Quick Draw - Everyone has seen an old-fashioned western duel in the movies. Now it is time for you to be part of one. The Quick Draw event pits two men against each other. You each take ten paces, turn, and then fire using paintball guns. This event tests your focus and accuracy in a one-on-one duel for supremacy.
Human Slingshot - The Human Slingshot is a team event where one team member is launched from a gigantic slingshot into a body of water. Success is measured by the distance traveled by the flying team member. It will take all of your strength and aim to choose the correct trajectory for maximum lift from the slingshot into the water.
Watersport Challenge - This is a relay race. Each team member must complete a 50-meter lap to the buoy and back using a different method: swim, kayak, paddle-board canoe, water-ball, rowboat, etc.
Giant Rope Swing - The Giant Rope Swing is all about timing and accuracy. The team member will swing from the rope and attempt to land in the center of a large target in the water. The member who gets closest to the bulls-eye is the victor.
Sportsman Challenge - This event is a timed course and requires a combination of strength and accuracy. Included in this challenge is archery, axe-throwing, a knife toss, blowdart shooting, spear-tossing, and sling-shotting. Prove that you are the greatest marksman by hitting the bulls-eye on all of the targets, or attempting to at least.
Pig Wrestling - Pigs are surprisingly agile and evasive. As a team, it is your goal to catch a wild pig and secure it inside of a barrel. This may sound like a simple task, but it will take teamwork and expert agility in order to successfully maintain a strong hold on one of our pigs.
Equestrian Spear Throw - The Equestrian Spear Throw combines horse-riding with the need of strength and accuracy. Saddle up one of our horses and attempt to hit a target with your spear as your gallop by. With proper timing and form you may come close to hitting the target, but it takes a master to secure a bulls-eye.
The Gauntlet - Running the Gauntlet is no easy task. It is a 200-yard course of pain and resistance. Run this course with your team while being pelted with an onslaught of paintballs, mud, and other projectiles. Make sure you don’t slip on the rough terrain or you will be sorry. Hopefully your team won’t leave you behind
Caber Toss - This is one of the manliest events. The traditional Caber Toss pitted the strongest Highlanders of Scotland against each other to prove who was the greatest warrior. In this event you will throw a enormous log end over end. The thrower who achieves the farthest distance is the victor.
Battle Royale - As a team you must tactically overtake the enemy forces. This event pits teams against each other in hand-to-hand combat using various weapons such as foam-covered axes, maces, swords, clubs, and machetes. Prove that your team has what it takes to decimate the opposition and be victors on the battlefield.
Rock Crush - As a team, it is your goal to crush as many rocks as you can in the allotted time period. You will swing giant sledgehammers, pounding bricks and rocks into rubble and dust. Out-swing the other team by pressing through fatigue and your own mental and strength limitations.

Aid Stations:

Yes, paramedics will be on stand by. Food and water will be available before an d after the race.


Yes there will be an awards ceremony. Cash prize and or other cool stuff.




$5 per spectator to come watch


Free- we will have buses transporting participants from The fair grounds to Deer Creek- rainbow bay.

Post Party:

Most likely a post party with bands, food etc.


We do give money to charity. Working with the Cancer Wellness house in Salt Lake City.


Yes teams of 4 can sign up.

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