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Santa Paula California 5K Mud Run Krusher 2015

May 02, 2015

Ventura Ranch KOA Campground

7400 Pine Grove Rd., Santa Paula, CA, United States


May 02, 2015

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Ventura Ranch KOA Campground
Ventura Ranch KOA Campground, 7400 Pine Grove Rd., Santa Paula, CA, United States Mud Run Krusher use-title true MM/DD/YYYY

Race Start Time:

Elite Heat starts at 8:00am.
Next heats released every 20 minutes.


Ventura Ranch KOA Campground
7400 Pine Grove Rd.
Santa Paula, CA, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:



Mud Run Krusher

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Who’s Attending?

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Cost & Pricing:

Individual General CostIndividual Cost Elite MoneyGuns and Hoses Run CostUntil
$75$105$75April 1, 2015
$85$115$85Online Registration Closes

What You Get / What's Included:

  • Ticket for raffles
  • Finisher medal


Course Description:

It has 18+ obstacles over the 3.2 mile course. It has the Da-Tire 500 obstacle in the first half mile that on its own (yes, it has 500 tires over a 100 yard trail) is brutal.
Throw the sandbag on your shoulder that you just picked up 100 yards before reaching the tires and it is even better.
After you get back on the trail and cross the double 6 ft fences you get to hit the ground at ¾ of a mile and do some crawling. You will definitely want to bring knee AND elbow pads.
As you cruise through the Rain Forest and the Pillow Floor, watch out for the water wielding Bigfoot around here. You get a ½ mile Uphill Burner that is sure to test your stamina, a little Mud Hill Rope Climb, then a thrilling 70 ft slide into Storage Box Mania.
Take a 16 ft climb to the top of two storage boxes, traverse across a 20’ span (while 16’ in the air), slide down the 16 ft fire pole, then climb rope back up that 16’ long and ring that bell.
Climb out via a 70 ft trail almost straight up and into the Coffee Grinder. The grinder is what it does to your legs trying to get through this 4 ft deep gritty mud pit.
By now you are 2 miles into the race and you’re going to get wet and cold.
We have the 20 ft tube crawl up into a rolloff box filled with ice water.
Go across the 22 ft long box and tube crawl back down. Next, an eight foot wall climb to get you warmed back up.
At about 2.12 miles you come up to Bigfoot’s Colon. Again, we hope you have your elbow and knee pads because this is a difficult crawl with a twist. You’ve got to experience it to believe it.
After that, a nice little half mile stretch to enjoy the scenery (with Bigfoot?) until you reach the Tire Flip. These are BIG and HEAVY. You might want to team up if you cannot do it alone. Team work is crucial on a few of these.
You are getting close to the finish but first is the Block Pull-Log Carry-Pallet Pull. A little trio of beauty right there for sure.
Some monkey bars at the 2.97 mile mark followed by Balancing Logs into the final obstacle: the 40 Foot Storage Container Traverse over water on nothing more than 1.75 inch wide piece of wood. Finish that and Bigfoot will be there waiting to welcome you in.


There will be a challenge ring to test your different strengths with prizes for the winners.
The elite heat has available a prize pool, if you want to play serious and try to pay your rent.


Limited parking will be available on site for $15.00 cash.
Elite heat also gets preferred parking in the campground.

Post Party:

You can rinse off and then get ready to party and have a great time.


Wear your favorite mud racing attire and remember no one gets out clean.
Knee pads and elbow pads are HIGHLY recommended.
A lot of crawling in this run, so you wanna be prepared. Watch out for bigfoot on the course as well.
They are very unpredictable being wild animals and all. He may be there to help you and he may not. Things could get messy.

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