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St. John Washington The Few, The Proud, The Muddy 2014

September 06, 2014

Webb’s Slough Racing

Rogers Road, St. John , WA, United States


September 06, 2014

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Webb’s Slough Racing
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Race Start Time:

9:30 AM Every 45 minutes to an hour till dark. 30-50 people per heat.
Can run as many times as you want!!


Webb’s Slough Racing
Rogers Road
St. John , WA, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:



The Few The Proud The Muddy

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Who’s Attending?

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Cost & Pricing:

50 dollars for full weekend and race, Camping, and a T-shirt provided. 10% Military discount.
Refunds available until August 26
Can transfer tickets as long as the person running can sign a waiver before the run.
Age limit at 16 with signature from legal guardian.
We will have smaller fun things for kids under 16 at no charge.

What You Get / What's Included:

  • T-Shirt
  • Free beer
  • Wrist bands


Course Description:

First 5k of run is flat and where most of the obstacles will be. Made medium difficulty level. There will be roughly 14 (ALL 16 FOOT WIDE) obstacles here to include; 2, 12 foot tall A-Frame walls: 2, 8 foot tall A-frame walls, 2, 8-10 foot vertical ladder style walls: 1, 12 foot tall A-Frame Cargonet wall, About 50 feet of over under style walls. One Giant 15 foot telephone pole mounted Ladder, Monkey bars, Tire pits, Hay bail walls, Conduit tunnels. More to come as sponsors come through.

Aid Stations:

2 Aid stations with EMT and Paramedic with ambluance on stand by.
Will be water at end


We are working on group prizes and individual prizes


Spectators can come for free. But will not be allowed in to the vendor/Beer garden/ Music area. 5 dollars for entry in to this area


Parking does not cost anything. It is included in the camping-racing fees

Post Party:

Our race is awesome in the sence we are not encouraging our partygoers-runners to leave after the event. We are offering all weekend of camping and partying after the race and there is no pressure to leave. We are more or less building this event to bring people together to make friends instead of a quick hello, good run, time to go atmosphere. I have done these races before and the worst part was inding a place to stay afterward and worry about having a beer before the drive.


Our muddiest part of this run is roughly 6-700 feet. As afr as I can tell there are no other mud runs in America that offer this much run at the end of a race. It will be impossible to stay clean and dry for this event.
ALL of the money that is raised after paying off our normal fees to vendors and merchandise fees will be collected in to a fund to support local wounded veterans. We are 100% non-profit.
Minimum age is 16
There will be something set up for under 16
There will be guards in the slough area watching for anyone having a rough time moving through it but it will not be any deeper than 4 feet.
There will be a full outdoor PVC Shower station


We encourage runners to set up teams for this. We for sure will have an award for best costumes.

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