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Ohio Gem City Gauntlet 2014

May 04, 2014

Action Sports Center

1103 Gateway Dr., Dayton, OH, United States


May 04, 2014

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Action Sports Center
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Action Sports Center
1103 Gateway Dr.
Dayton, OH, United States - View Map

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Gem City Gauntlet

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Cost & Pricing:

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$65February 1st, 2014
$75April 15th, 2014
$85Registration Closes

What You Get / What's Included:

  • Best after party in the state of Ohio!


Course Description:

The Gem City Gauntlet will amaze you with 20 amazing obstacles!
1 .Gladiator Mountain: Start the event by climbing a 60-foot wide, 20-foot tall mountain with only three 25-foot telephone poles and a cargo net between you and the ground!
2. Barbarian Lagoon: Next, traverse a man-made lagoon by walking over a series of slippery phone poles - all while trying to avoid being knocked off the poles by, well, it's a surprise.
3. Rolling Thunder: You'll be rolling customized (think 'heavy') medicine balls around our four baseball diamonds while hoping and praying that what you see at home plate isn't real.
4. Demon Football Village: Only the toughest of Gladiators will be able to handle this event. First, run through the Arm Power Blast Machine, while not dropping a football. Next, strap on your 50-pound pads while running a series of unique obstacles, including a tire run and a visit from Big Bertha the Tackle Dummy.
5. Ultimate Balance Beam: This station will test your nimbleness under duress. All Gladiators will use their skills in climbing, walking and the use of cargo netting to complete this station.
6. Soccer Skills: This station will test the soccer player in all Gladiators. This event will incorporate some of the Action Sports Center ‘s 8 acre soccer complex to test the feet of the most nimble of Gladiators.
7. Conan Tire Flip: America lost some of its largest truck tires in order to bring this event to the tire-flipping Gladiator in all of us. As in all of our events, tires come in smaller sizes for the lady Gladiator.
8. Devils Maze: This station incorporates a forest and adds various obstacles and a few unexpected surprises along the way. All successful Gladiators will need to be nimble in the Maze and aware that not everything is as it appears.
9. William Wallace Bridge Challenge: This station incorporates climbing up a 16-foot phone pole to a platform and crossing a 40-foot catwalk, then descending another set of steps. This swaying bridge will challenge the character and willpower of the bravest Gladiator.
10. Thor’s Circus Hammer: This fun test of strength is measured by the force of a sledge hammer and how far up the pole a Gladiator can send the ball before it hits the bell. There are two poles for men and an equal number for women – all with separate levels of achievement that represent your abilities. It’s all in how you swing the hammer.
11. BMX Renegade Race: The Gem City Gauntlet is fortunate to be able to access the adjacent Dayton Pal BMX track for this obstacle. We will provide all Gladiators a bike for 3 laps around the professionally-designed and constructed course. Not for the faint of heart!
12. Tarzan’s Jungle Adventure: This station will challenge all Gladiators with a tilt table peg climb through the woods.
13. Brazilian Rain Forest Canopy: If you enjoy climbing steps to an incredibly high catwalk, then this station is for you. If you are afraid of heights - don’t be concerned, as there is netting to protect you. Be sure to enjoy the breathtaking views!
14. Knotted Rope Hill Climb: The Marines can do it and so can the Gladiator in you. This is a challenging event and you will feel great once you get to the top of the hill.
15. Iceberg Tire Swing: Imagine swinging on a tire over a giant container filled with water and large chunks of ice. Next, imagine crossing a balance beam hovering over what appears to be a slice of Antartica, hoping you can keep your balance. Concentration and sheer nerve are required of all Gladiators for this one.
16. Groundhog Culvert Crawl: This station has two 20-foot in-ground culverts, one with water and a pallet cover. Bravery is required here as we can’t guarantee what happens once you hit the water and who or what you may be swimming with.
17. Sahara Quicksand Challenge: Filled with a special mixture of sand and water, this 100-foot pit will test even the strongest Gladiator. With every step your feet sink and normal walking is out the door.
18. Extreme Lateral Cargo Net Challenge: This 30-foot long station will challenge the best of athletes. The netting will be intentionally loose and will rise to 20 feet. Come prepared.
19. Marine Mud Pit: This is the traditional old school mud pit, filled with water and plenty of barbed wire – with a wrinkle.
20. Extreme Slip and Slide: Time for fun! After a small run, all Gladiators will again cross the phone poles in the Barbarian Lagoon, climb a natural hill and ready themselves for a theme park-sized slip and slide. The 200-foot long slide will amaze even the most ardent Gladiator thrill seeker and make you want to try it again!

Aid Stations:

Specifics on aid stations forthcoming.


Spectators may watch the race.



Post Party:

All hungry and thirsty Gladiators will enjoy live music, generously flowing beer, roasted pigs and a fully-staffed food court after the competition!


I would like to welcome you to Ohio’s newest adventure obstacle venue, located on the campus of Action Sports Center in Dayton, Ohio. The Gem City Gauntlet is conveniently located off Route 4 near Interstate 75 and features 20 event stations along the 5K race path. The 60-acre sports complex boasts 8 fully-lit baseball fields and 20 acres of soccer fields, all of which will be incorporated into the Gauntlet. We've been planning the obstacle course design for over a year and have received valuable input from many competitors along the way. It is our goal to make this a competitor's course based upon what you want out of a race. To that end, I believe we have achieved it.

The actual construction of the Gem City Gauntlet is well under way. We will update our progress regularly, right here on this site, to assure you that we will be ready to host the inaugural event over the May 3 - 4, 2014 weekend. Transformation of the Action Sports campus can be already be seen from Route 4, as our Gladiator Mountain rises from the ground. This will be a 30-foot tall, man-made mountain with another 30-foot tall series of phone poles and cargo netting. Once complete, Gladiator Mountain will contain an estimated 35,000 cubic feet of dirt. This makes it the largest man-made structure of its kind in the region as well as the tallest such obstacle structure. Excavation of the Barbarian Lagoon is also underway. The race course borders a 20-acre lake and a heavily-wooded forest that, in parts, will be incorporated into the race course design.

We are fortunate to have an adjacent and well-established BMX track as part of our race. The Dayton Pal BMX track will offer all Gladiators something very unique, as the Gem City Gauntlet is the only race of its kind to incorporate professional-grade BMX racing. Once you have driven a Gem City Gauntlet bike one quarter of a mile over the challenging curves and hills of this professionally-designed track, you will be amazed at the exhilaration biking, as part of this race, gives you.

As challenging as the 20 station race will be, the post-party atmosphere is designed to amaze. A band will be playing, beer will be flowing, we will be roasting pigs and a fully staffed food court will await all hungry and thirsty Gladiators after their competition. The Gem City Gauntlet is easily accessible from several interstate highway systems and there is abundant parking for everyone on site. Over 90% of the obstacles are permanent installations, unlike the temporary structures many races rely on.

We look forward to joining the adventure obstacle racing community with our uniquely-designed 5K race. Visit our site, check us out and enjoy the continuous construction photographs as we finish the course for the May inaugural event. If you are looking for something that no one else can offer you and you wish to be challenged, reach out and find out how you can be a part of the Gem City Gauntlet. We are taking inquiries online and invite you to find out more about the May 3 and 4 event at Action Sports Center.

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