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Houston Texas Mighty Mud Dash 2017

April 02, 2017

Sam Houston Race Park

7575 N. Sam Houston Parkway W., Houston, TX, United States

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April 02, 2017

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Sam Houston Race Park
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Race Start Time:

The first wave - the competitive one - will begin at 8:20 AM. The remaining non-competitive heats will be launched starting at 9 AM continuously at 20-minute increments.


Sam Houston Race Park
7575 N. Sam Houston Parkway W.
Houston, TX, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:

3 miles


Mighty Mud Dash

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Use discount code MRG25 for 25% off your registration


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Who’s Attending?

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Cost & Pricing:

Individual CostUntil
$60November 2, 2016
$65December 7, 2016
$70January 4, 2017
$75January 18, 2017
$80January 31, 2017
$85February 15, 2017
$90March 1, 2017
$95March 30, 2017
$100April 1, 2017
Premium Wave has an extra cost of $5. Competitive Wave has an extra cost of $10.

What You Get / What's Included:

  • T-Shirt
  • Medal
  • Beer


Course Description:

In the Mighty Mud Dash course you can expect to tackle 8k miles of tough obstacle racing hitting anywhere from 20-24 obstacles. Below are the obstacles in order (Please note obstacles are subject to change if deemed necessary by the race directors)

  • Over, Under – Here you will be expected to leap over 3-4ft and go under 2 ft over clearance. if you try to """"cheat"""" and go over an obstacle you are supposed to go under, you will be met by barbed wire.
  • Dark Knight – There will be multiple trenches cut 3ft wide and 20 ft long. Each trench will be filled half way with water and cover by 4X8 sheets of plywood. Try not to be afraid of the dark.
  • Barb Wire Bear Crawls – Exiting the Dark Night you will be met with your first Mud Pit, but you must stay low, like under 2 ft low; right above you will be barbed wire.
  • Rubber Bandit – Welcome to tire heaven. Here you will do 20 yards of high knees through tires, then you will run through 40-60 swinging tires.
  • Lumber Jacked – Where telephone poles, mud and water combine. Consists of two pits with 6 telephone poles in each pit. As a participant you are supposed to go over and then under the telephone poles as you see fit.
  • Life’s a Ditch – Welcome to our version of trenches. Here you will run through 20- yards of trenches filled with 3ft of water. Please note that there will be a lip going in and a lip going out. Try not to slip in and be sure to help each other out.
  • Hurdles in the Woods – After this obstacle you will make your way back in the woods where you will face three sets of tree hurdles.
  • Spider Webs – As you venture your way out of the woods you will be mangled by hundreds of yard of bungee cord wrapped from tree limb to tree limb.
  • Mud Moguls – The most deceiving obstacle, Mud Moguls is a stretch of 5-6 mounds of dirt with 2-3ft of water in between each mound. Due to the water, mud and pitch of the mounds it becomes extremely difficult to get up and over the moguls without slipping. Have friends nearby to help you up.
  • Rope to Rope – This obstacle is exactly as it sounds, it is a rope attached from one main beam to the next. Rope will cross a 14ft mud pit that is 4ft deep. You either need killer upper body strength or be smart enough to use your whole body to shimmy across.
  • Tube Tunnels – There will be four to five corrugated pipes laid at slight angle leading into a mud pit. As you gain access to the pit below you will be met by water as it proceeds to enter the tunnel. As you exit into the pit you will be fenced in by 6 fence panels laid over top the watery mud pit.
  • Mud Mountain -You will climb 20 ft via ropes to reach the top before you slide down in a mud trench.
  • Monkey Wrench – Here you will try to conquer our monkey bars that are built on a truss system. You will start out at a slight incline with a deep pitch, then you will level out going across and then you finish at a decline. At the highest point you will be more than 10ft above a mud pit.
  • Rope Swing – Fun, but a difficult landing. You will swing across a mud pit, if you don’t swing high enough you will hit the water. If you do conquer the rope swing and make it to the other side then be sure and try to keep your footing on the wet mud.
  • The Summit – This is our version of the Half pipe. We will have ledges and rope on two sides of the half pipe, but in the middle there will be no support for all you daring souls.
  • Arctic Freeze – This is a mud pit full of water that has three telephone poles buried. Race coordinators will be dumping in over 600 bags of 40lbs ice in the mud pit throughout the race day. Participants will be expected to jump in the pit before exiting it. Please note the pit will be extremely hard to exit.
  • Wally World – Welcome to the start of Mighty Valley and the last stretch. Here you will face the feat of climbing over and climbing across multiple 10ft walls.
  • Cargo Crawl – You will go up across and down our cargo net. This isn’t your typical A frame cargo crawl - this is a bit more difficult. As each section will sag as you roll across, it is extremely difficult to gain footing.
  • Fenced In – Here you will conquer 3ft trenches that have fence panels laid over the top. Each trench will be adequately filled with water. It is easier for the participant to enter in backwards and pull themselves out.
  • Barb Wire Crawl #2 – After being fenced in you will still need to stay low as you will be faced with barb wire 2ft off the ground.
  • Mighty Wall – Your final obstacle of the day is a 14ft wall. Though it sounds easy, this is no easy task. Since it is the last obstacle of the day, everyone wants to do it, leaving the obstacle drenched in mud. Grab a hold - and hold on tight.
  • Mystery Obstacle – This can be placed anywhere in the course.

Aid Stations:

Water stations will be available throughout the course. Lifeguards will help participants climb out of big mud pits on certain obstacles.


$1,000 Purse Prize Breakdown:
• $500 each to 1st Place Male and Female
• Award ceremony will be held shortly after the competitive wave.


Spectators are allowed into the event for free. They will just need to pay the $10 parking fee.
Spectators are ONLY allowed to be in the fenced off event area and will not be allowed out on the course.
Spectators cameras are prohibited at the FINISH LINE.


Parking always gets crowded, so be sure to show up early and bring $10 cash to pay the parking fee.

Post Party:

We will have a stage playing live music courtesy of a DJ. Spectators and runners alike are free to dance at the stage. The stage will hold exercise sessions and dance competitions where store item prizes are offered.
Food trucks will also be available to provide snacks and lunch to anyone at the event.


We will donate to the Boot Campaign, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to Cultivating Awareness, Promoting Patriotism, and Providing Assistance to military personnel, past and present, and their families.

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