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Ohio Mud Ninja Extreme Challenge 2013

July 28, 2013

J.L. Parker Farm

2093 Pricer Ridge Rd., South Salem, OH, United States


July 28, 2013

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J.L. Parker Farm
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Race Start Time:

9:00 AM
9:20 AM
9:40 AM
10:00 AM
10:20 AM
10:40 AM
11:00 AM
11:20 AM
11:40 AM
12:00 PM
Awards Ceremony & Costume Contest
1:00 PM
1:20 PM
1:40 PM
2:00 PM
2:20 PM
2:40 PM
3:00 PM
Costume Contest


J.L. Parker Farm
2093 Pricer Ridge Rd.
South Salem, OH, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:

5.00 kilometers


Mud Ninja

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Cost & Pricing:

$56February 6th, 2103
$59March 1st, 2013
$65May 1st, 2013
$69July 3rd, 2013
$79July 24th (Online registration closes)

There are no refunds issued under any circumstances.
Additional $5 for timing chips
When Maximum capacity is reached, the event will be closed for registration.
$24 for Lil Mud Ninja Race

What You Get / What's Included:

  • Mud Ninja T-Shirt
  • Ninja Star Medallion
  • 1 Free Beer (21 years or older)
  • Mud Ninja Decal


Course Description:

25 obstacles. A obstacle list includes:

  • Brush Bruiser: Struggle your way to the top of these obstructions.
  • The Great Wall: Attempt to scale up and over this wall.
  • Widow Maker: Fight gravity as you put yourself up a massive slope.
  • Samurai Escape: Leap over and over and over.
  • Tower of Terror: conquer your nerves as you defeat this soaring barricade.
  • Journey: Don’t stop believin’ you can conquer the Mud Ninja as you avoid getting stuck in this long trap.
  • Craters of Fury: run full speed through this battleground. Dodge the mud craters that will be trying t defeat you.
  • Wax on, Wax off: teeter your way up and over without slipping off.
  • Tsunami slide: speed down the Ninja slide. You’ll want to scream, but keep your moth closed. It’s in your best interest.
  • Shakey shimmy: hang on tight as you scramble over a swamp.
  • Criss Cross Splash: quickly cross logs high above water while your friends try to knock you off with water balloons.
  • Gorilla Bars: Spectators cheer you on as you climb over and under this gigantic jungle gym.
  • Log Launch: Pick a new friend and get acquainted as you grunt him up a hill. Say goodbye as you toss him in a barrel.
  • Snaggle Tooth: Claw your way through mud without getting pricked by the barbed wire.
  • Killer Hill: Accept this gift of rubber legs from the Mud Ninja.
  • Midnight Snake Bite: crawl your way out of this dark tunnel maze.
  • Ridge Roll: Stampede through the multiple mounds like Mario and Luigi.
  • Horizontal Hangman: Mental grit is necessary to hang on as you figure out where to grab next. Fall and splash awaits you.
  • Hulk’s Revenge: Break out the muscles to quickly pull up the bucket of stones.
  • Mud Pit: The Mud Ninja will grip your feet and won’t let go.
  • Tangle Mangle: Wrestle your way through a blinding entrapment. Agility and proper decision making will lead you through quickly

Finish the course. Take all day if you need, but dig deep, get primal and push through to the finish line. Use your balance, agility and sheer determination to kick the Mud Ninja’s butt. Gullies, valleys, obstacles and crowds of mud soaked dodge ball throwing spectators await to be conquered. Complete this course and carve another notch in your victory belt. Maniac Mud Ninja: Finish the course….with 16lbs on your back. This challenge is for the select few. You know who you are. Gold Ribbon Star Medals are given to those who are tough enough to complete this challenge. One of the toughest muck’in things you have ever done. Insane.

Lil Mud Ninja: This course is filled full of obstacles that will put the little ones in their natural element: a playground of mud! The Little Mud Ninja Challenge is a melted down version of Mom and Dad’s. Little Mud Ninjas will have a blast as they conquer balance beams, mud slides, rope hangs, mud walls…. and more pits of mud! The Little Mud Ninja’s will need to use their balance, skill and agility to keep from splashing! Tough to do when Mom and Dad are on the side lines launching nerf balls at you!

Aid Stations:

There will be medical personnel on the course


Ninja swords go to the top fifteen best times.
Ninja Star Plaques go to the most outlandish costumes and the teams with the greatest team names.


It costs $10 to enter the park as a spectator. Kids 14 and under are free. Please have exact change ready.


$10. Please have exact change ready.

Post Party:

Victory party with costume contest and prizes


Must be at least 14 years old. If you are under 18 years old, a parent or legal guardian must sign a release waiver in order for you to participate.
There will be an area to check your bag. Closed bags only.
No pets or animals are permitted at the event.
At high noon we will give away swords and plaques for the costume contest. At 3:00 pm we will have another costume contest.

Charity is Soles4Souls, they accept any type of shoe in any condition, using new shoes for crisis relief and older shoes in need of cleaning and repairs for microenterprise programs. And it only takes $1 to help make a difference! At Soles4Souls, it only takes $1 to help distribute a pair of shoes, so every $1 donation is critical for Soles4Souls to help give the gift of shoes!


There are awards given to the teams with the best names. We had to leave the office two different times last year because the Mud Ninja went on a laughing fit for hours on end over the names of teams. This year he has decided to award these created individuals.

Camping Info:

Camping will be available nearby

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