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Temecula California Fustercluck 5k 2013

October 05, 2013

Vail Lake Resort

38000 Highway 79, South Temecula, CA, United States

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October 05, 2013

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Vail Lake Resort
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Race Start Time:

1st Wave- 8:00am


Vail Lake Resort
38000 Highway 79
South Temecula, CA, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:




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Use discount code MRG50 for 50% off your registration


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Cost & Pricing:

Individual CostUntil
$69June 5th, 2013
$79July 5th, 2013
$89August 5th, 2013
$99September 5th, 2013
$109October 5th, 2013

Runners pass include 5k Race, Redneck Games & Party Access

What You Get / What's Included:

  • Custom fustercluck medals!
  • Shirts


Course Description:

Fustercluck 5k will be physically challenging but doable for everyone (and super fun!). Navigate the crazy course and evade hillbilly hunters in our hilarious 5k race, the cross the finish into our Redneck Games Arena for a day of shenanigans!

Aid Stations:

First Aid/Paramedics/Food & Water at finish line


Awesome custom hillbilly medals for racers


Fustercluck’s Redneck Games Arena is loaded with ridiculous games and wild contests. A sample of some of the good old American glory you have in store is below – be ready to get your ALL-’MURRRICAN CRAZY on!

We’ll be holding a huge, top-secret Fustercluck “WORLD REDNECKORD” breaker. Be ready to see a whole lotta hillbillies in a teeny tiny space. Use some smarts and practice your Redneck Yoga now while you can!

DON’T FORGET to dress in your finest, Redneckiest Sunday attire for the day folks! We’ll be holding an all-day contest choosing who has the “Most Redneckiest Look In ‘MURRRICA” and in a sea of camo, wife-beaters, denim, plaid, cowboy hats & boots – you’ll look silly if you ain’t!


SPECTATOR PASSES are $20 online and $30 on the day of the event (if available). This allows you enjoy the All Day Party but limited access to the Redneck Games (for example you can play cornhole and beer pong or enter the Redneckiest & Daisy Duke Contests but not take part in the mud belly flop, billy bowling, and hillbilly hay bale toss). Children under 10 are free.


PARKING will be $10 on the day. Please remember to bring cash for parking.

Post Party:

Experience the most outrageous, All-American 5k adventure race in history. Once you survive Hillbilly Hunters, navigate the challenging course and evade potential kidnappings (WHAT? don’t worry it’s FUN!), you will cross the finish line and enter our insane Redneck Games arena where you can play games like Hubcap Hurling, Billy Bowlin’, White Trash Beer Pong, Hillbilly Hay Bale Toss, Mud Belly Flop Competitions, Redneck Horseshoes (with toilet seats!), Miss ‘Murrrica Contest, and many more insane games and contests that will leave you wondering…WHERE THE CLUCK AM I ?! The famously crazy & eccentric band Rednex will be performing their world wide hit “Cotton Eye Joe” at Fustercluck, and throughout the day Fustercluckers can rock away to All-’Murrican DJ’s blastin’ Classic & Southern Rock, Country, Rowdy Bluegrass and your favorite foot stompin’ Party Tunes. Get ready for an insane, all day, All-American hoedown full of delicious grub, rockin’ music, crazy games, wild shenanigans, hilarious emcee’s, countless kegs of beer and more of everything than you can handle. Everybody is welcome: fast, slow, runner, walker, young, old, hillbilly, hipster…just come prepared to be hunted and chased in the 5k by our Hillbilly Hunters! What an epic FUSTERCLUCK! Don't forget - HILLBILLY DRESS MANDATORY! If you want to avoid being kidnapped by the crazed Hillbilly Hunters, dress just like them to throw them off your scent!


Family friendly - ages 14 and up welcome to participate in the race and Redneck Games/contests. Age 10 and under enter free!


There is strength in numbers - teams of 4 or more are encouraged! Solo participants are welcome as well.

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