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Washington DC Brave Soldier Challenge 2012

September 29, 2012

Bon Air Park

850 North Lexington St., Arlington, VA, United States


September 29, 2012

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Bon Air Park
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Bon Air Park
850 North Lexington St.
Arlington, VA, United States - View Map


Brave Soldier Challenge

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Cost & Pricing:

$65September 29th

On-site registration MAY be available during normal packet pick up hours.
50% of your entry fee will be refunded until September 15th, 2012. No refunds will be issued for any reason after September 15, 2012.
Entries CANNOT be transfered or defered to another person, event, or year.


Course Description:

The Brave Soldier Challenge consists of two separate events. One event focusing on Strength and Endurance and a second event focusing on Strength and Agility. Each event is made up of several challenges that will test the competitors speed, strength, endurance, and agility.

Both the Strength/Endurance event and the Strength/Agility event are timed using the ChampionChip Timing System. Competitors will be provided a timing chip to wear on their ankle. You will begin each event by crossing a set of timing mats that record the exact moment you begin your event. There is another set of timing mats at the end of each event that will record the exact moment you complete the Strenght/Endurance event or Strength/Agility event.

Competitors must complete each challenge that makes up each event. If you are unable to complete a challenge you will be assessed a time penalty that will be added to your total time.

Below is a brief description of the two events that make up the Brave Soldier Challenge. Please note that the individual challenges within each event may vary slightly in type and/or order.


  1. Tire Flip - Competitors will flip over a tractor tire six times, four times up and four times back. Penalties will vary based upon the number of times you flip the tire. 8 minutes for 0 flips, 7 minutes for 1 flip, 6 minutes for 2 flips, 5 minutes for 3 flips, 4 minutes for 4 flips, 3 minutes for 5 flips, 2 minutes for 6 flips, 1 minute for 7 flips.
  2. Stationary Row 1000 Meters - Competitors will row 1000 meters on stationary row machines at a preset tension.
  3. Cement Block Carry - - Competitors will carry two cement blocks a total of 100 yards.
  4. Sand Bag Lift - Competitors will throw 10 sand bags over an 6ft high wall, go to the other side of the wall and throw the 10 sandbags back over the wall.
  5. Sand Bag Carry - Competitors will carry two sand bags a total of 100 yards
  6. Run 1 Mile - Competitors will run one mile on an out and back course.


  1. Stationary Bike 1 Mile - Competitors will ride one mile on a stationary bike at a preset resistance.
  2. Wall Climb - Competitors will scale an 6ft high wall. The wall will be 3/4" plywood and be permanently mounted.
  3. Rope Climb - Competitors will climb a 12ft high rope (knots every 2 feet). You will do this twice. Note: Challenges 1 and 2 will be attached to one apparatus - 16' square, 12' high - designed out of aluminum stage trussing.
  4. Box Jump - Competitors will box jump a total of 10 boxes. Each box will be one of thre heights: 12", 18", or 24". Each competitor must firmly place both feet on each box before continuing to the next box.
  5. Crawl - Competitors will crawl a total of 30ft under 2ft high cross beams.
  6. Over/Under - Competitors then reach the next 30ft long apparatusthat makes them go over one cross beam that is 3 feet high then under a cross beam that is 2 feet high, back over a 3 foot crossbeam, back under a 2 foot crossbeam, etc.
  7. Over - Competitors will jump over a number of 4ft high cross beams for a total of 30ft.
  8. Balance Beam - Competitors will then walk across a 4" x 4: beam that is 30ft long while carrying different weights in each hand. You will then turn around and carry them back. You will do this challenge twice.
  9. Monkey Bars - Competitors will cross through 30ft of monkey bars. After 3 attempts a competitor will be assessed a 3 minute penalty. **
  10. Rope Bridge - Competitors will hang upside down and pull themselves across a suspended rope bridge over a specified distance. After 3 attempts a competitor will be assessed a 3 minute penalty. **
  11. Cargo Net Climb - Athletes will then crawl up a cargo net to the apex of the apparatus (16ft high) and then down the cargo net the ground. Eight inch gymnastic mats will be used at the base of the cargo net climb. A 3 minute penalty will be assessed if you cannot completed this obstacle after 1 attempt.
  12. Sprint - Competitors will sprint 10 yards under the Finish Line inflatable for their second timed segment.


  • Top 3 Overall Male Civilian
  • Top 3 Overall Female Civilian
  • Top 3 Male Military Division
  • Top 3 Female Military Division
  • Top 3 Male Age Groups 16-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+
  • Top 3 Female Age Groups 16-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+
Besides these individual awards the Top Oveall Male and Female (Military or Civilian) will also have their names immortalized on the traveling Brave Soldier Challenge Individual trophy. The Top Overall Team will have their team name immortalized on the traveling Brave Soldier Challenge Team Trophy. These two trophy's will travel with us to be displayed at each event.


This event benefits Step Up for Soldiers and Wounded Warrior Project.

The minimum age allowed for participating in the Brave Soldier Challenge is 16.

Once a competitor begins an event (either Strength/Endurance or Strenth/Agility) the clock will not stop until he or she finishes all the challenges for that event.

If a competitor is not able to complete a challenge in one of the events, he or she will be assessed a time penalty.


The Brave Soldier team challenge rewards the team with the lowest sum of individual time for 6 people in a 10 person team.

If the time is the lowest team time, then that team is awarded the Brave Soldier Team Challenge award, and immortalized on the Brave Soldier Trophy.

Each person completes the challenge as an individual and will be eligible for the individual category awards. The team will start together in individual order as a team and will go through the obstacles in close proximity, but at no time can another team member physically assist another team member with an obstacle.

Verbal encouragement is highly recommended.

To sign up as a team each person in a team must register as an individual, and specify their team name during the registration process. Those people will be lined up to start together.

If less than six people finish the team challenge, then that team is not eligible for the team award.

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