Unleash your full OCR potential at FIT FARM FURY!


Training for Obstacle Course Races couldn’t be easier now with this permanent obstacle course training site. Developed and built by former Army Rangers, including Founder Pat Steffan, Green Beret Challenge’s Mark Ballas and Mud Run Guide/OCR Warrior’s Brett Stewart, this course has twists and turns and custom-built surprises designed specifically for Fit Farm.

  • Fit Farm Fury OCR
  • 20 Obstacles
  • Miles: 3-5
  • Lodging Onsite
  • Dining Packages Available

As a critical component of your plan, we bring highly ranked experts of different obstacle course races to build your training schedule specifically to help you achieve results you never thought possible. Expect between 4 – 7 hours of intense physical training and education per day while on the farm, with passionate Obstacle Course trainers pushing you the entire way and scaling any exercise to help you conquer your next race.

3- Day OCR Clinic Info, Schedule, & More

OCR Clinics run from 3 pm Friday through 10:30 am Sunday, and include multiple training sessions, 1-on-1 technique and instruction from OCR professionals, lodging, and much more! Each OCR Clinic is limited to only 10 participants so each participant can get as much valuable obstacle racing and fitness instruction as possible.

Sample Schedule:

3-DAY OCR Clinics
Day Time Overview Location
3PM Check in Time; Dinner On Own or Add On Option for Fit Farm BBQ Cottage
7PM-7:30PM OCR Chat: Background on OCR-History, current trends in the sport, info on major race types/events/companies Cottage/Messhall with Smart TV
7:30PM-8PM OCR Nutrition-General Nutrition, Pre-Race Dinner, and Breakfast, Fueling During Events, Hydration Cottage/Messhall with Smart TV
8PM-8:30PM OCR Gear-Guidance on Proper Footwear, Race/Training Attire, Gloves, Gears, Hydration Packs Cottage/Messhall with Smart TV
8:30PM Fire Pit at Clarkston Cottage Cottage Porch
7AM-8AM Running Technique Seminar: Active Participation / Group Run Grounds
8AM-8:30AM Breakfast (On Own or Add on to Include Breakfast) Messhall/Cottage depending on Package
9AM-11AM Obstacle Techniques: Grip Strength & Upper Body-Rope Climb, Monkey Bars, Rig, 8′ wall climb, climbing Wall Fury Course
11AM-12PM Body Weight Strength Training Whippy Barn
12PM-12:30PM Lunch Messhall/Cottage depending on Package
1PM-3PM Obstacle Techniques: Heavy Carries & Strength Training-Farmers Carry, Bucket Carry, Sandbag Carry, Tire Flip, Low Crawl Fury Course
3PM Shake and Shower Cottage
3:30PM-4:30PM Training Talk: Prepping for your next OCR Cottage/Messhall with Smart TV
4:30PM-5:30PM Foam Rolling and Stretching Yoga Room
5:30PM Dinner on Own or Add on Option for Fit Farm BBQ or Go Downtown Gallatin/Nashville Cottage or Downtown
8AM Breakfast (On Own or Add on to Include Breakfast) Cottage/Messhall with Smart TV
8:30AM-10:30AM 3-5 Mile Obstacle Course Challenge on FIT FARM FURY Course Fury Course
10:30AM Shower and Check Out Cottage
Optional FIT FARM lunch Messhall

How much does it cost?

  • Regular pricing $700 per person
  • “Drop-in” $200 for Sat 9AM-5:30PM only
  • Current Fit Farm Guests staying a week just $250 for Friday Night-Sunday participation

What’s included?

  • Accommodation (Up to 10 people)
  • 3 days of fitness training, race prep, tips & tricks, and 3-5 mile obstacle course challenge on the Fit Farm Fury course
  • Educational lectures

*Food NOT included. There’s a kitchen in the cabin. You may bring your own food to cook.

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Clinic Dates:

A Green Beret Challenge like no other!

We got to test out FIT FARM FURY a couple of months back while hosting a private corporate challenge with our sister company, Adventure Fitness and were really impressed at the facility's grounds, infrastructure, course, obstacles, and staff: First Look: FIT FARM – Green Beret Challenge's Newest Venue. Pat and Kristin couldn't be better hosts for developing a healthy lifestyle through their FIT FARM programs and worked with Green Beret Challenge's Mark Ballas and OCRWC co-founder Brett Stewart to develop a top-notch course that's well-suited for training and racing. Green Beret Challenge will be hosting their first event at FIT FARM FURY on May 18, 2019.

Fit Farm Fury Press Release