goodr makes face-stuff. If you have a face, get these.

Our friends over at goodr created the limited-edition Mud Run Guide #betenacious shades in their vintage “OG” style. Why? We have no clue. Enjoy 'em while they last, there are only 300 pairs in existence so if you miss out your bleak outlook on life is not our fault.

(get it? they are “rose-colored” lenses… sheesh, tough crowd.)

These exclusive shades feature the iconic MRG logo on the upper right lens and inside the right arm along with the reminder to #betenacious.

MRG's #betenacious OG's

MRG's #betenacious Limited Edition OG's

$25 + $5 Shipping & handling

0,MRG Goodr Sunglasses

#betenacious: Back when Y2k was a thing, Brett used to work with Dee “Twisted Sister” Snider, who'd occasionally call him a “tenacious little *****”. Well, it stuck and became Brett's mantra during endurance events like Ironman where he'd sharpie it on his arm… eventually, the ink became permanent.