Obstacle Course Races cancelled or postponed due to coronavirus COVID-19

The obstacle course industry is taking precautions and working with local governments and agencies to determine the best course of action on how to keep their staff and participants safe. Below are races who have provided updates and statements. The nationwide series are listed first, then local/regional races are listed below those, in alphabetical order.

National OCR Series Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates

Spartan Race

3/13/20 – We have been working with local government agencies across the US in monitoring the effects of COVID-19, and as a result, we have suspended all scheduled events over the next 30 days. The majority of these events will be postponed until later in the season, with dates to be announced in the coming weeks.
3/10/20 – In accordance with local government policies and/or requests, we have postponed several international events. We will continue to work with the local government authorities for all Spartan Race®, Spartan Kids®, Spartan Trail™, Tough Mudder® and DEKAFIT™ events, and monitor the Center for Disease for Control’s (CDC) Risk Assessments to ensure the safety of all who attend our events.

See this page for full details.

Tough Mudder

No statement/update yet

Savage Race

It's with a heavy heart that we made the difficult decision to postpone our next three events due to the novel coronavirus.
Florida Spring originally scheduled for 3/14 & 3/15/20
Georgia Spring originally scheduled for 3/28/20
Central Texas originally scheduled for 4/17/20

Rugged Maniac

South Carolina, North Carolina Spring, and Phoenix Spring events have been cancelled. Other events are currently scheduled to run but updates will be made as necessary. Participants who registered for Phoenix Spring and North Carolina spring will be automatically transferred to the corresponding fall events.


3/21 Atlanta race is cancelled. More details here.

Terrain Race

Houston event – Montgomery County has issued a statement urging the cancelation of events where more than 250 people are gathered for the next 30 days due to Coronavirus/COVID-19. We are taking this recommendation and we are postponing Terrain Race Houston on Saturday March 21st at Three Palms Action Sports Park in Conroe, TX.

We have rescheduled Terrain Race Houston for September 26, 2020. Packet Pickup will take place on September 25, 2020. You will automatically be transferred to the new date at your selected wave. No further action is required.

Other events – TBA

Muddy Dash

No statement/updates yet.

Stadium Blitz

4/18 Ohio & 4/25 Kansas Postponed. See details here

Muddy Princess

All events over next 8 weeks postponed. More details here.

San Antonio – new date 17 October 2020
Gulf Coast – new date 18 October 2020
West Palm Beach – new date 15 November 2020
Punta Gorda – new date 22 November 2020
Ocala – date to be confirmed
Phoenix – date to be confirmed
Austin – date to be confirmed
Nashville South – date to be confirmed
Atlanta – date to be confirmed
Santa Rosa – date to be confirmed

Local/Regional OCR Series Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates

Arrowhead Obstacle Trail Run

4/25 event cancelled, possibly being rescheduled to new date. More details here.

Battle of Lansdown

3/28 event cancelled. More details here.

Beast Series OCR

Postponed. New date TBA. More details here.


No statement/update yet

Coos Bay Oregon Battle Buddy Run

Event postponed until the end of May. More details here.

Epic Series OCR

3/28 Fresno event postponed until 5/23. More details here.

F.I.T. Challenge

4/4 Event Postponed. New date TBA. More details here.

Gritty Goddess

As of 3/16, the 3/28 event is still proceeding as scheduled. More details here.

Jacksonville Swamp Battle

Update coming 3/16/2020


4/19 event postponed. More details here.

March Madness Mud Run

3/28 event cancelled. More details here.

Marine Raiders Mud, Sweat & Tears

4/25 event cancelled. More details here.

Mud Endeavor

4/4 event postponed. New date TBA. More details here.

Mud Titan

3/28 Mud Titan XII and 4/18 Terrain Titan postponed. New date TBA. More details here.

New Zealand Sport Tasman Marlborough Muddy Buddy

Will proceed as scheduled.

Pope John Lions Rugged Run

4/4 event postponed. New date TBA. More details here.

Stafford United Kingdom Extreme Warrior 2020

3/21 event postponed. More details here.

St. Patrick Mud Run 2020

Rescheduled to May 9th. More details here.

Summit To Swamp Challenge Weekend

4/25 event postponed. New date TBA. More details here.

Terrier Tough

4/4 event cancelled. More details here.

Texas Warrior Mudout

4/25 event status still TBA.

The 3 Elements

4/4 Texas event postponed. More details here.

The Bear Crawl OCR

4/25 event cancelled. More details here.

The Rocket Race

4/25 Apollo race still proceeding as scheduled as of 3/16/20. More details here.

The Wolf Run

4/4 & 4/5 event postponed. More details here.

T.H.O.R. Texoma's Hellacious Obstacle Run

Postponed until 9/19. More details here.

TITAN Macquarie Mud Run

3/28 event postponed. More details here.

Tough Viking

All springs race postponed. This includes 4/25 Slottsskogen, 5/9 & 5/10 Stockholm, and 6/6 Oslo. More details here.

Ultimate Warrior Obstacle Run

4/11 & 4/12 event rescheduled til 10/17 & 10/18. More details here.

Winter Warrior Finland

3/28 event cancelled. More details here

Wabash Valley 5K Prison Break

Postponed until 6/27. More details here.

If you've received an update that you don't see listed here, or are in charge of a race and want to list an update, please email it to mail@mudrunguide.com