Obstacle Course Races canceled or postponed due to coronavirus COVID-19

The obstacle course industry is taking precautions and working with local governments and agencies to determine the best course of action on how to keep their staff and participants safe. Below are races that have provided updates and statements. The nationwide series are listed first, then local/regional races are listed below those, in alphabetical order.


WE ARE ALREADY STARTING TO SEE RACES MAKE DECISIONS FOR EARLY 2021. We will update this as more information becomes available

Updated: 02/21/2021


RaceOriginal Race DateRace StatusNew Race DateAnnounced
SoCal Super & Sprint WeekendJanuary 23-24, 2021PostponedOctober 23-24, 202112/11/2021
Arizona Super & Sprint WeekendFebruary 13-14, 2021PostponedNovember 6-7, 202112/11/2021
San Jose TrailFebruary 19-21, 2021PostponedSeptember 17-18, 202112/11/2021
San Diego CityMarch 27, 2021PostponedAugust 14-15, 202112/11/2021
Jacksonville Kids RaceFebruary 27-28, 2021CancelledNA1/22/2021
Nationals Park StadionApril 10, 2021PostponedSeptember 11, 20211/22/2021
San Luis Obispo Ultra, Beast, Super, & TrailApril 10-11, 2021PostponedTBD1/27/2021
Tri-State NJ Ultra & BeastApril 24-25, 2021PostponedOctober 2-3, 20212/12/21
Citi Field StadionMay 15, 2021PostponedTBD1/22/2021
Asheville Super, Sprint, & TrailJuly 24-25, 2021PostponedJuly 31 – August 1, 20212/1/2021

For races that are postponed, all registered racers will be automatically moved to the new race date

Rugged Maniac:

LA: Canceled

Kentucky: Canceled

North Carolina: Rescheduled 06/26/21

Kitchener: Rescheduled 7/3/21

Columbus: Rescheduled 7/10/21

Vancouver: Canceled

Tampa: Rescheduled 10/2/21

Sacramento: Canceled

San Francisco: Rescheduled 10/16/21

South Carolina: Rescheduled 10/30/21

Austin: Canceled

Mud Factor:  Livermore- Rescheduled to 10/16/2021

McKinney- Moved to 9/18/2021

Epic Series:  All event registrations for 2021 on hold

Bermuda Triple Challenge: Event Canceled Details

Muddy Princess:  Phoenix Registration on Hold

Rad Dogs Mud Run: Event Canceled

Stadium Blitz: All registrations for 2021 on hold

Muddy Warriors:  New Date 4/25/2021

Tough Mudder:  LA: Toughest Cancelled Spring 5K and Classic originally scheduled for April is now scheduled for August.

GRIT OCR (CA): Feb event now scheduled for July 10th and 11th 2021.

Muddy Warrior Xperience:  New Date 11/21/21

Mad Anthony Mud Run:  Converted to virtual