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7SAR – 7 Summits Adventure Race simulates the experiences and challenges from the continent's highest summits into one single 7-mile obstacle course race, including an optional 3-mile course. Competitors will attack multiple obstacles including Elbrus' barbed-wire crawl, Carstensz's Pyramid zipline flyover, and Everest's Khumbu Ice Fall's ladder.

Can you do this? Yes, 7SAR is designed to be challenging but achievable for all athletic levels. We provide a 10% discount incentive for teams to help work together toward the common goal of completing the 7 summits course!

​Commit today, make a difference, be amazing. Be 7SAR!

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Great First Event!

Oct 21, 2013 by Joel

I wasn't sure if I would be able to make this event since I did the Tough Mudder the week prior. I didn't know what to expect since the website didn't have any real obstacle pictures, but that's because this was their first event. I was surprised at the difficulty level of 7SAR with the steep hills throughout the course. And the zip line and finish slide were better than any obstacles I've seen in other races. There's room to grow, but for their first race I thought it was great. I'll be back next year!

Not As Advertised

Oct 18, 2013 by Janie

This event was not as advertised. The zip-line and near vertical slide at the finish were fun, and the tarzan ropes were challenging, but many of the remaining 27 'obstacles' weren't really obstacles at all. Staff were friendly and helpful when they were present (not all obstacles were staffed), there were very few bottle necks at obstacles (mostly due to the low turn-out), and the fire pit at the start/finish was nice. However, this is not an event I would recommend or plan on participating again in the future.

Not quite as advertised

Oct 17, 2013 by Rusty

This event was severely over-hyped.. We showed up an hour early as suggested only to find that hardly anyone was there. We checked in right away and then had 54 minutes to spare.. We decided to run an earlier wave since we had nothing better to do and it was obvious the waves weren't overly crowded- there were about 35 people in the wave we did..

Most of the obstacles seemed pretty poorly designed and not all of them had people tending to them. One of the funniest contradictions I can say is on the website there is a photo of a ladder stretching across two points above what looks about a 20 ft drop.. The actual obstacle was some rinky-dink ladder laid across a tiny little creek. The tire obstacle was a silly four tires deep.. The course was extremely poorly marked so we were left asking ourselves multiple times if we were going in the right direction. Of the estimated 27 obstacles, I'd say there were about 8 that were unique. Most of them were just running through some thick mud puddle or a variation of that.
Finally, when we reached the end of the supposed 7mile course, our running program told us we had only run 5.5 miles. If your event was about the "7 summits," thats fine, but don't advertise 7 miles if it isn't going to be anywhere near that.

Overall, had they not promoted this event to be some great and challenging event, I wouldn't care, but I felt as though in no way did the actual event represent what they advertised..

Don't waste your time

Oct 17, 2013 by Jim Norwood

This event had me seriously thinking that I could just rent out Straddleline and put on an event myself. There were two cool obstacles - the zip line and the almost vertical slide at the end. Other obstacles included four tires laid on the ground to run through, a tree across your path, and my personal favorite "sugar cookies" which was basically walking two steps in sand followed by three steps of mud.
The race is extremely high priced for what you get. I think the intent is to have the price really high knowing that the only sales they will get are from Groupon.
One thing that is nice is that there isn't a back-up at the "obstacles" since there are only about 15 people in each wave (very small event).
I also liked the fact that I signed up for a "7 mile" adventure race, yet my GPS recorded only 5.5 miles.
7SAR is a joke. That is why there are no pictures of obstacles on the website. This company will be out of business soon. Don't give them anymore money.
It is obvious that the reviews below are fake. The one by Jessica is basically an advertisement...

Super Muddy Fun

Oct 15, 2013 by Jessica Bleasdale

Had a great time at the Inaugural 7SAR race that took place at the Straddleline ORV Park in McCleary, Washington. They offered a unique set up. I ran the whole 7 mile (12km) race but they also offered a 3 mile (5km) portion. It took our team about 75 minutes but we had lots of fun and stopped for photo ops. There was a variety of obstacles everything from rope swings, mud crawls, ice water swim, slippery wall, 5ft wall climb, worm eating station, cargo net walls, icy foam, tire and hay bale climbs to the 2 main big obstacles that were a zip line and a super high and steep slide into a mud hole. They had a unique theme where each mile was dedicated to a continent and the highest peak of each of the 7 continents. Each mile had obstacles related to the culture/idea of the continent and flags and cultural items of the continent which was pretty cool, as well as an incline to run to represent the summit. It was a gorgeous environment to run, primarily trail and one of the muddiest I've been to. Lots of attention to detail including having to crawl through a mud tunnel just to get into the starting line area. The zip line obstacle was my favourite where you climbed a scaffolding tower and zip lined straight down into muddy water. Don't do this race expecting to keep clean and dry as there was plenty of mud and lots of water. The only criticism I would give is that the registration was on the slow side and there were a couple of obstacles that lacked volunteers to explain what to do, but I suspect both of these things were due to it being a brand new event. There were some positive parts such as many of the volunteers were Marines, they had a big fire pit that everyone hung out at to keep warm which was a perfect spot to cook up SMARS (the 7SAR twist on a S'more) they had for sale, and all the 7SAR team was super approachable including the Founder Brian Dickinson. He even came up to one of our team members to ask if she was alright after she slipped off the zip line near the top of the tower (she was fine.) As a racer we got a Pick Axe medal (when you completed the whole 7 miles), a cool buff, and a free beer. While you didn't get a tshirt, there was a merchandise table where you could purchase 7SAR gear (a tech tee or a cotton tee cost $25.) They had lots of porta potties, a shower off station, and there were food vendors. They also partnered with 2 hotels (one in Elma where we stayed and one in Olympia) that offered a discount to racers. They had people out on the course taking pictures which will be available to download from their Facebook page. I recommend you follow their Facebook and/or Twitter page as they frequently offer racer discounts for their events. I managed to get a $70 off discount code for both myself and my husband by following on Twitter. I travelled nearly 7 hours and took a 2 hour ferry ride in order to do the race, and it was totally worth it!! I ran it with a team and really enjoyed the camaraderie and all the course fun. My husband ran it solo and he enjoyed the challenges and the terrain. So something for everyone! Worth the race.

7sar Seattle,wa

Oct 13, 2013 by Tiffany Nguyen

I just did the 7sar event today, and I honestly loved it! I performed thru the obstacles with my battle buddy. We're both in the armed service and did not know what to expect, but I can say that the staff was super friendly. This event was awesome, nothing like I've seen or done before, and I usually do tons of events such as this. Even though tickets are kind of pricy, it was worth every penny!

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 3.2 5.0 6 6 I wasn't sure if I would be able to make this event since I did the Tough Mudder the week prior. I didn't know what to expect since the website didn't have any real obstacle pictu