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It's the baddest, most awesome, muddiest test of your stamina, mental strength, camaraderie, and fitness. There are different races depending on your level of fitness and the amount of fun you want to have. Obstacles, Running, Mud and Beer all for the benefit of local charities.

Crusher – (Beginner)
This intro level course will get your heart racing and your body muddy. A significant challenge for the first timer but a fun time for everyone.   The only question is: Will you crush it or will it crush you?

Crusher 2 – (Experienced)
You have messed around with 5ks, trail running and hit the gym a bunch so you think you're ready. Let's find out. You start by running the Crusher with your friends, but as their adventure ends it's time to get serious. You will need strength, stamina, agility and mental fortitude to survive. We have extended your course for several more miles and designed obstacles that WILL crush you. Only through support and cooperation will you and your fellow Crushers conquer your fears and make it through. And for that you will be rewarded.

• Distance: Approx. 10k total

• More challenges – More fun

Colossal Crusher (Elite)
More than an Obstacle Course Race – a multi part event to test your total fitness

Part 1) Strength – You start by moving through various stations of functional fitness. Squats, Burpees, Push Ups, Sandbags, Kettle bells – Who knows what we will come up with before you head out for part 2.

Part 2) Endurance – You run the entire obstacle course with your friends (10k) before tackling your final challenge.

• Distance – 10k+

• Obstacles – If you have to ask – you are not ready

• Perfect test for the experienced Crossfitter, Endurance Runner or Athlete

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Jun 16, 2019 by Wojtek

Team Orange participated for the third consecutive time this year in force of 44 athletes and complete novices. Wa are an international bunch: participants from China, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti Poland and the US have participated. As always, The Crusher offered a good challenge to each one of our team members. It was amazing to watch our employees bond, while putting their minds and muscles to overcome obstacles, making friends with local contestants and experience the magic of the good all American “you can do it” for themselves.
I have done a number of other obstacle courses and physical challenges, from Muddy Buddy, Tough Mudder to GoRuck and CrossFit events, and I appreciate the Crusher for its unique terrain that allows for obstacles, which you will not experience in other races. We all enjoyed the updates and modifications, that made this year’s challenge even more challenging. Thank you Eric and Team Crusher. We appreciated the opportunity to be a part of Chief Silvernail’s Race. We will be back next year!

Challenging race, but details matter

Apr 01, 2016 by Amanda Powers

I completed the regular Crusher and enjoyed the challenge of the course. They started you with burpees in the mud! They used the terrain to the best of their ability by making you haul tires up the muddy hills. But unfortunately at this race they only had 2 port a potties, they ran out of the free beer they had at the finish line, they ran out of the swag bags, water cups on the course, water bottles, and the glass that they give as a finishers medal.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 4.5 5.0 2 2 Team Orange participated for the third consecutive time this year in force of 44 athletes and complete novices. Wa are an international bunch: participants from China, Thailand, Do