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Whether you run, walk, skip or crawl, the GoGirl Mud Run is for women of all athletic abilities, who want to experience an empowering women’s only obstacle course and mud run. Don’t worry, GoGirl is less about the obstacles or your course time, and more about mud, fun and laughter. While you’re getting muddy and conquering obstacles, you can expect to laugh hysterically, bond with your girls, make new friends, and experience a huge sense of accomplishment, while helping to raise money for breast cancer research. We promise that it’ll be the most fun you’ve had in the mud since you were a kid. Sign up for a day of awesomeness!

A portion of each GoGirl Mud Run registration fee will go to Breast Cancer Research, so you can also feel good about helping with the fight against cancer. Let the mud begin!

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GoGirl Mud Run

Nov 18, 2014 by pissedoffrunner

I can't even express how jaded I feel signing up for this race in 2012 - I paid $71.37 after their fees only to be told they were going to reschedule in Spring, well there were other races that I had signed up for and well for two years now I've tried to get that money back..... Here are just a few of the emails they sent to assure I would get a refund! ---- This was the last one that I sent to them that didn't get returned for undeliverable! I even contacted ImaAthlete, where I paid, and they reached out and they couldn't get a response either from them. Sad how these people take other's hard earned money and "run" with it! I hope the coordinators rot in hell lying and taking advantage of people the way they did!!!!!!
It is now December 29, 2012 and I have not received my refund of $71.37. Could you please tell me when I shall be getting this? As you can see it's been well over 3-4 weeks.

Thank you,

On Nov 2, 2012, at 1:14 PM, Go Girl Mud Run wrote:

We're sorry to see that you are requesting a refund, however, we do hope that you'll consider signing up again in the Spring once our new date has been announced. Your refund request will be processed and you should be receiving a refund check in approximately 3-4 weeks.

On November 1, 2012 at 2:30 PM wrote:
I'm not sure I can wait to see for the Spring date. I do a lot of runs then and if at all possible would love to be kept informed but the reimbursement of my fee would be greatly appreciated and very much needed.

Thank you,

On Oct 31, 2012, at 10:33 AM, Rachelle wrote:


Dear Nashville GoGirl Participants,

In spite of our best efforts we have been unable to attract the necessary participation numbers needed for us to go forward with our Nashville race. So, it is with deep regret that we announce that the Nashville GoGirl Mud Run will be rescheduled for the Spring of 2013. Again, this race is not cancelled, but it will be rescheduled. Please understand that we waited as long as possible before making this difficult decision, in order to try and reach the necessary number of participants to make this run happen as scheduled, however, we were not able to reach that goal.

We believe that rescheduling the event will give us time to get the needed number of folks to participate in the GoGirl Mud Run. Here is our plan going forward to insure that we reach our participation goals and that we make this run happen in the spring:
1. Attending the Nashville Southern Women's Show - setting up a booth to make people aware of our event.
2. Running billboard advertisements in the Nashville area to raise awareness.
3. We are also looking to partner with local charitable organizations to help us get the word out about GoGirl.

REFUNDS: Full refunds will be given to those individuals who are not able to participate in the race on the newly scheduled date. If you are not able to attend the race after the new date has been announced, then please send us an email at that time and your refund will be processed.

We would love for everyone to be able to participate in the race on the new date, however, we understand that the new date might not work for everyone. So, if the newly selected date does not work with your schedule we will gladly refund your registration payment. Again, we hope to announce the new date via email as soon as possible, and if at that time you wish to ask for a refund then you can reply to that message with a refund request.

NEW DATE: We are currently working on a new date and we will announce that date as soon as possible via email.

Again, we apologize for not being able to make the run happen this year, but please know that we are more determined than ever to make GoGirl Mud Run go forward in the Spring, in order to be able to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research.

Best Regards,
Team GoGirl

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Best Regards,

Team Go Girl

Aug 18, 2014 by natasha

Got an email a few weeks before the run saying it was to be rescheduled for the spring. Never was rescheduled and tried to email getting my money back and the email addresses and website were all no good anymore. I paid over $60 for that race!

Oct 25, 2013 by Stormi

I registered for the event that was set to take place November 11, 2012. A few weeks before the race, I received an email saying that the date had moved until the spring of 2013 and if this was not a good time for me that I woud receive a full refund. I simply asked for a refund and never received it. Also the race was never rescheduled and since then the website has been deleted as well as the email address.

Nov 19, 2012 by Angry Mudder

Me and 35 of my closest girlfriends planned for months to get together and support this even and have some fun for a great cause. We prepped for months and managed to get the biggest team together (there was SUPPOSED to be a prize for that). We arrived that morning and got ready for our race. The obstacles that were set up (not all that were supposed to be there actually were) were a joke, my 7 year old could have completed them. It looked honestly like they got there 2 hours before the even and threw some stuff together. The wall climb was a concrete divider with some tires stacked up in front of it, the rope climb was probably all of 7-8 feet tall, and the only mud consisted of an ankle deep pool at the bottom of the tunnel slide and a shallow mud pit at the end of the run, my shirt didn't even get wet. I spoke with one of the guys who said he "ran the show" but the more I talked to him, the more I felt like I was dealing with a scam artist. I asked him about the prizes that they list on the website for the biggest team and he didn't know what I was talking about and attempted to pass the task f knowing off to a woman involved with the event. He made no attempt to satisfy me with an answer, needless to say, we didn't ever actually receive anything for having the biggest team (35 girls signed up for our team)I hope that the "portion" of the proceeds did actually make it to the charity, i have my doubts. They were supposed to have food for purchase for the spectators, there was none. They set up some bottled waters and a box of apples for the runners. There was no official announcing of any kind except a dude with a bullhorn to tell us when to go. This was a dirt walk, not a mud run. I wish I knew who the even organizer actually was so that I could avoid any further events of theirs. That said, I have a great group of friends, and we made the best out of the day. If you want to have a good time with your girlfriends and hopefully raise money for the cause, this race will be fine for you, but don't expect much.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 1.0 1.0 4 4 I can't even express how jaded I feel signing up for this race in 2012 - I paid $71.37 after their fees only to be told they were going to reschedule in Spring, well there were oth