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Goliathon is a four-mile obstacle course run that lets you choose your
level of difficulty. With obstacles consisting of different tracks ranging
from easy to extreme, individuals and team members of various ages
and abilities can be challenged and test their own physical limitations.
As a non-profit organization, all proceeds from our events will help bring
clean, safe drinking water to those in need around the world.

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A Game Changer

May 18, 2015 by Dan

DIFFICULTY = Intermediate to Advance (based on which obstacles you choose)

Parking was onsite with a $10 fee. It was really close (about 20 feet from the finish).

They had about half a dozen vendors and a live band. There were multiple locations for food. I was able to walk the festival in about 3 minutes.

It was free and secure. Because parking was so close, I didn’t check a bag.

There was a starting obstacle. The DJ hyped up the racers and explained the obstacle tiers and scoring. There is no starting clock.

This terrain had to be the best I have come across. Obstacle spacing was perfect. The terrain consisted of grass, dirt, mud, minor water, hills, rocks, quarry. Yes, I said quarry. You raced through this massive quarry.

Goliathon is a game changer and it’s because of the obstacles and the scoring system. Time is replaced with scoring and the obstacles are something you’ve never seen. The course had about 25 obstacles. 12 were tiered obstacles consisting of ratings (G1, G2, G3 with G3 being the hardest). These tiered obstacles were very unique and were actually about 5 obstacles merged into 1 (wall climb into balance beam into monkey bars into traverse wall into Tarzan swing). At the end of each obstacle is a 2’ x 2’ platform that you had to land on. To make it harder, parts of each obstacle were painted different colors and you could not touch certain colors (so no cheating by using the obstacle’s framing for leverage). When you approached these tiered obstacles, you selected which obstacle you wanted to try (G1, G2, or G3) and you had 1 chance to fully complete it. You had to complete the entire obstacle and land on the platform or it counted as a failed obstacle. If you completed the obstacle, you received a colored wristband and points (G1 is 1 point, G2 is 2 points, G3 is 5 points). Once you selected the obstacle, you could not switch (if you select G1, you could not do G2 or G3). This completely changed the race because do you go for the easy obstacle and guarantee the points or try the harder one and risk getting no points. There was a lot of backlog but you didn’t notice it because you spent the time trying to figure out which tier you were going to complete then watching others to figure out how to complete it. These obstacles are like a chess match. Just having strength and being in shape isn’t enough. You needed to know how to complete the obstacle and having that knowledge is key (along with some massive upper body strength).

Best Obstacle = Peg Wall Climb
Worst Obstacle = Waist High Rope Path

There were about 4 water stations in the 4 mile course. The water stations were placed where you needed them. The water was ice cold! No food was given at the water stations.

They did have a final obstacle and an arch. I don’t recall a big crowd being there but the parking lot was as the finish was right next to it.

They had changing tents and hoses to wash off.

You received a tshirt, a medal, a North Face bag, and all the silicone wristbands you won during the race.

Goliathon is a game changer. The obstacles are awesome and being forced to choose which obstacles I want to try and being rewarded with a point system is extremely unique. Requiring to land on a small platform and not being able to touch certain parts of the obstacle make an already long and hard obstacle even harder. I’ve heard a lot of hype about this race and it has exceeded my expectations and the hype. This race has moved into my Top 5. For the record, my final score was 19 points (I have completed at least 1 of a G1, G2, and G3 obstacle).

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 DIFFICULTY = Intermediate to Advance (based on which obstacles you choose)PARKING = BParking was onsite with a $10 fee. It was really close (about 20 feet from the finish).