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From the creators of Warrior Dash, Debuting in the south, southeast and midwest, Iron Warrior Dash is a 15-20 mile assault of ruthless terrain and best in class obstacles. This next level of The World's Largest Running Series is the most premier event in obstacle racing, offering athletes the ultimate challenge of becoming an Iron Warrior.

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Average rating: 2.67 / 5 from 3 reviews.

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Okay but mostly unimpressed

Sep 23, 2013 by Cameron Turner

This race could have been good but overlooked some details that, if not corrected, will prevent me from running it again. No bananas or food for a 15.6 mile race is dumb, and not surprisingly, I was very close to cramping up and having to bow out. No porta-potties either, which was bad enough for guys but had to be awful for women. The packet pick up was a free for all for the 8:00 start because the volunteers also got there at 8:00 and hadn't organized the packets yet. And, there were no areas for spectators to watch, which left my spectators with 3 hours of nothing to do but wait for me.

The race itself was decent. I liked the obstacles and found them reasonably challenging. In fact, I think a lot of them were better than Tough Mudder. But, as one of the reviewers noted, there was a very long stretch (like 5 miles) of nothing but running on a paved surface no less.

In a nutshell, easily correctible problems, but until then, Tough Mudder is far better

Sep 23, 2013 by tim staley

Was unimpressed. As a tough mudder participant I found the iron warrior severely lacking. Sure it was a farther run, but that's what it was just a run. Most of the race was on a paved bike path. There was very little time on trails or in the water even though the race was at a location with lakes and a river with what looked to me as plenty of off-road opportunities. Please tell me what the reason was for an over 3 mile stretch running on a paved road with no obstacles? Felt more like a training run than an event. Sorry guys stick to the 3 milers they are more challenging than this was. I'll give 2 stars for the great volunteers and after party.

Sep 22, 2013 by christina irwin

Loved this event!! A lot of water/gatorade stations.
Would like to have GU or bars provided half way.
Needed to have porta johns at least half way or 3/4 into the Dash. One of your volunteers said "I don't know" when asked if there were any porta johns. He told me to "go in the woods." NOT cool.
Did not like the 12 minute wait for Curious George. I was going for time and this really slowed me down.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 2.7 4.0 3 3 This race could have been good but overlooked some details that, if not corrected, will prevent me from running it again. No bananas or food for a 15.6 mile race is dumb, and not