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Exfoliate your Girls’ Day Out… Make the boys jealous and get dirty at the LoziLu Women’s Mud Run! This fabulous 5k obstacle course is perfect for beginners and fitness divas alike. Laced with challenge, beauty, and feminine SWAG, LoziLu exists to help young patients with cancer live happier lives. Warm-up with professional trainers before you scale obstacles, climb nets, conquer walls, descend towering slides, and exfoliate in three mud baths. Dancing burns calories and there’s plenty of dancing at LoziLu’s three on-course Party Oases and the After Party. Accessorize at the finish with a sparkling medal to complete your muddy makeover then rock the Red Carpet where paparazzi capture your hot new look. Rejuvenate at the Salon and shop the Fitness Farmer’s Market for free samples and goodies. Forget the spa! Uncontrollable laughter, excessive smiling, and your most memorable girls’ day of the year are inevitable.

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Aug 04, 2015 by Margaret Lee

The day before my race, obstacleracingmedia.com revealed that the organizer of Lozilu just got out of jail for being a con artist. It's a shame because originators of Lozilu ran a great event for women. I called my credit card company to dispute charge.

Waiting For Refund

Aug 03, 2015 by Jaylyn McCoy

I traveled from Cape Cod to run this race with my friend. LoziLu didn't even send an email to participants that it had been canceled. They made a single Facebook post six hours before the race started. On top of that, they haven't sent out the email to explain why it was canceled or issued any refunds. I've contacted my credit card company, the Better Business Bureau, and filed a complaint with the PA Department of State.


Jul 30, 2015 by Mad Fish

Read today on Facebook that many LoziLu races are being canceled due to a scam. Now that I have found out that it was a scam, I feel that I have to cancel my credit card just to be safe! What BS, I was actually looking forward to this race, because I heard it was a blast! I hope that I can get a legit refund back without having to jump through hoops!


Jul 27, 2015 by Debra Davidson

Two days before the event, I got an email saying it was postponed until August 1. Neither I, nor any of my friends can make it on August 1. Heat of the summer, postponed to a date unable to attend, THEY SAID to send any inquiries to some email address. No response. I am feeling like it is a scam. It is fun, but not worth losing this. I am told they are in the process of filing bankruptcy...Also, why is there all sorts of ways to get involved, but then they don't get back in touch with you if you want a refund. I am disappointed, and very suspicious of this organization. I would give it a NO STAR if I could.

Once is a mistake, twice is a pattern

Jul 24, 2015 by Jen

This is the second Lozilu race to be canceled last minute after I made travel plans. I attempted to participate in Austin 2015, and the event was reschedule for improper permitting. Now Boston two days before the event. I assumed the first time was a fluke, but this seems like a pattern of poor organization.

Although I had a great time at the NE event in 2014, I will now warn friends that it is not worth the hassle, lost time and lost travel expenses.

Anyone have other women's mud runs they recommend? I'm looking for a new event, hopefully with 2015 events still to go.


Jul 24, 2015 by Margie Janes

I would do 0 stars if I could. Were to start. The course was pathetic and everything was disorganized. DON'T OVER PAY FOR THIS RUN. They gave everyone left over 2014 medal it was so disappointing! We were promised t-shirts and we never received them. I've been em-mailing them since February and all I get are lies. Anywhere from your replacements have been sent out to we are waiting for the truck with all the medals to return to headquarters. I've posted several times on their Facebook page and they deleted my posts and now they've even blocked me from their page. SAVE YOUR MONEY DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE.

BEWARE the scam

Jul 23, 2015 by Amy LaPanne
Event Name: New England 7/25/2015 

At almost the very last minute they changed the date because of "insurance problems" that they did not find out about until the last minute. Interesting, because according to a friend who lives near the site, NO CONSTRUCTION OF OBSTACLES TOOK PLACE AT ANY POINT DURING THE WEEK. If it was so last minute that they couldn't hold the race, wouldn't things be set up? You'd think so...but no. I'm just waiting to see what happens here but it looks like they're being bitches about refunding money so I'm ready to get my credit card company involved.

Jul 11, 2015 by Teri

I don't even want to post one star....

Friend bought tickets two days ago from website, at that time one would think the information would have been updated. We drove 2 hours from Connecticut to show up and find a deserted parking lot, no signs informing us of a cancellation or venue change. We went inside and were given the email of brad and contacted him. He wrote back almost immediately stating the website had been updated to show event had been moved to August, yet you look at website and still shows event is set for July 11. Absolutely horrible communication, extremely let down by the unprofessionalism.

there is a problem here

Jul 05, 2015 by debbie
Event Name: LoziLu NYC 7/11/15 

a group of friends did this last year, they had a great time.....I decided to join them this year. we all paid months ago, ready to get dirty in Brooklyn! suddenly we have no venue, they say we do, then we don't, then we will......it is now 6 days from the run and after many e mails, phone calls, FB requests, all we have heard is that there was a glitch on the site, and we will have a venue.....all I want is a refund.....HELP!!!......brad gets ZERO stars

Mar 27, 2015 by Lorita

It wasn't the most exciting course however, the team comradely was great! A bit expensive but happy the money goes to a worth cause.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 2.2 5.0 21 21 The day before my race, obstacleracingmedia.com revealed that the organizer of Lozilu just got out of jail for being a con artist. It's a shame because originators of Lozilu ran a