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Do you have what it takes to be MARION MADE?
3-4 Miles
34 Obstacles
1 Amazing Non-Profit Mud Run

Charity Challenge + Military + OCR + Community = Fun!

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Blown Away! A hidden gem

Jan 21, 2020 by Ryan

I was invited to run this race by another OCR addict and I didn't know what to expect as I had heard of it but knew it was small. This is BY FAR one of the best races I've ever done. Incredible atmosphere and staff, top-notch obstacles, challenging and well-thought out, unique course. I was truly surprised how much I loved this and I have run ALL the big brand races. It is now always going to be on my calendar and I wish they had more events per year. Cannot wait to see where they go as I have heard from regular Marion Made attendees it has only gotten better and better each year... and it is already great. Very good cause and price point as well.

Fantastic race series

Mar 18, 2019 by Jason Deem

Marion Made is one of my favorite events, and easily better than many of the national series races. I've now run this event both years, and I assure you that the event will only continue to get bigger, and the organizers will continue putting their heart and soul in it. Don't miss Marion, you'll regret it!


Mar 04, 2019 by Laurie

First time running it and instantly one of my FAVES!! Very well coordinated, excellent obstacles, perfect distance and challenges! Just enough mud; safe, strong & tough obstacles (WEAVER!), great variety and will DEF be back each year!!! Gotta try the repel wall afterwards next time!

Very Nice Surprise

Mar 03, 2019 by Paul

My daughter and I signed up thinking that this would be a nice little local thing to start off the year. Even though it is a regional race and not a large series, In many ways they have the large series beat. I did not expect to like this race as much as I did. Obstacles are very well constructed, Hard but not impossible and numerous. This will become a yearly event for us for sure! Great job!

Mar 17, 2018 by Claire McElheney

This race is really special. The obstacles are top notch and the event site is especially cool because you're running all over this military campus, even running underneath an airplane. It gives you a taste of the military because it's a hard but fun. The cadets volunteering and on campus cheering and drilling make for a touching run.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 5.0 5.0 5 5 I was invited to run this race by another OCR addict and I didn't know what to expect as I had heard of it but knew it was small. This is BY FAR one of the best races I've ever do