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Mudderella consists of 12-15 obstacles that tie together running, climbing, strength and endurance – and most importantly, celebrate strong, confident, and awesome women.

Mudderella is an untimed, team-based challenge that was designed by women to inspire participants to test stamina, willpower and strength, while encouraging teamwork. Mudderella is challenging and MUDDY, but it will give women an experience they will love.

Truth 1 – You’re stronger than you think you are.

You might fall for “can’t”, but we don’t. Mudderellas can do anything they put their minds to, and guess what… so can you. Our courses are challenging, but you won’t be alone in earning your Mudderella sportband. You’ll be surrounded by thousands of like-minded women who have all committed to cross the finish line and to help each other get there.

Truth 2 – There’s more to life than going to the gym.

It feels good to work out. But admit it, the gym gets old. Sure, you might try a new class every now and again, but inevitably you end up on that same, perfectly placed treadmill (you know the one).

Trade in your yoga mat and resistance bands for a full-body workout in a high-energy environment. Step outside and smell the muddy roses.

Truth 3 – You deserve an awesome experience.

You work hard and put others before yourself. But what have you done for yourself lately? And no, we don’t mean catching up on The Real Housewives episode saved on your DVR.

Think your Pilates classes are awesome? Multiply that feeling by about 1 million. Mudderella events are intense full-body workouts, you have a whole team of your best friends, and you’ll be creating an unforgettable experience.

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Oct 05, 2015 by Bethany harter

This was my first muderella and I was completely disappointed! I felt like it was completely false advertisement. Anyone could do this obstacle course with no problem. The twelve week training schedule is very unnecessary. I am a runner and a crossfit trainer and I didn't see hardly anyone running. My girls and I did the run hoping for a challenge and found it to be a cake walk. We got our exercise in by running as hard as we could but stopped to line up at obstacles. I realize it's not advertised as competitive but it is advertised as an intense challenge. Also it is ridiculous that they charge a spectator fee! Maybe $2 but $20? The entry fee is high but goes to a great cause.

Oct 05, 2015 by Sam

This is the first Mudderella I have done. I was disappointed in the race overall. The obstacles were nothing of a challenge. They made obstacles out of the puddles from the rain the previous week. As someone who exercises regularly, I was able to do all of the obstacles on my own, with no help from a team member. It was pretty cold and the race did not have the warm showers at the end, which was disappointing. The best part was the headband at the end, which made me a little warmer.

The fees for the bag check, the lockers, and the food were also absurd.

I won't be doing this race again.

But: the camaraderie was great. You could feel the women excited to be there and having fun getting dirty with their girlfriends and relatives.

Oct 01, 2015 by mudster

Overall it was was my first mudderella and I thought the obstacles would be more challenging than they were.

We started at 10 am with some light drizzle and then it ended up being a nice day.

On the third obstacle you were supposed to crawl under rope through the mud, which is what we were there for, but there were so many big ,sharp, rocks that I smashed and cut my knee up and ended up limping down the mountain for the rest of the course. Other people injured themselves on that one too.

There was no warm water to rinse off with at the end, and definitely no St Yves as stated,and the food was priced exorbitantly

I agree with others that the gondola fee and baggage check should have been included in the registration.

Overall would I do it again? was fun. but hopefully at a reduced fee :)

Sep 30, 2015 by Kulwant GIll

Overall, it was fun, but we had the following issues:

-Extra $10 bag check in and $5 for Gondola ride just to get to the start line was a joke...this should have been included in the entry fee.

-At several points, there was a bottleneck of traffic, It wasn't too pleasant waiting 30 minutes when you are cold. You want to keep moving.

_No food at the end and only one station had bananas on the entire course. I've done many 10km runs and we have so much food at the end and the cost is less that 1/3 of the Mudderella fees.

-Where was the St. Yves stations...hydration/moisture stations? Our start time was closer to 2pm, so we might have missed this altogether.

-Warm water is needed at the end when you finish.

-Changing area was a joke by the end...there was no room and it was all muddy. We just made our way to the hotel right after.

-Offer choices other than hot chocolate.

Mixed Feelings

Sep 28, 2015 by Kelly Barrette

We were in the bullpen for 9:15 a.m. start. After hearing about others' experience, I'm really thankful we had an earlier start. The line ups were reasonable. The staff and volunteers were fresh and great! Things felt fairly well organized at that point.

The one suggestion I would make to leave fewer women with a bad taste would be to up the charge of entry by $15 at this venue and make it all inclusive of gondola and bag check. The $5 here/$10 there charges left many feeling like they were being squeezed for every cent possible where as they would likely have not noticed the charge in an all inclusive format.

Once on course we found the uphill start challenging. (We did see a bear too! Poor guy was driven off by the tsunami of estrogen flooding up that hill!) More hike than run for us at that point.
The ambulance at the top was a reassuring presence. There was one call for a medic at the downward dog obstacle and both communication up the line and response times were quick as far as I could see.
The obstacles could've been more challenging for some of us but were fun too, so all levels of participants could find them enjoyable.
Ain't no Mountain High was probably our teams' favourite and I think after another thousand women ran over it, it would've just gotten steadily more slippery, mucky and even better later in the day.
Many women didn't like that the narrow bush trails produced bottlenecks in traffic. We were early enough on course that when our team wanted to play through, we just ran calling that we were passing on the left, had no problem and caused none either.
I enjoyed the trails. Quite technical downhill runs with wet roots and rocks getting dislodged, but also spongy and not at all hard on knees. You had to think about where you were putting your feet. I like that.
We were quite cold by the end and the big splash off that slide was literally breath taking! There were still few enough on course that organizing to have our team slide together wasn't an issue.
Swag area had really good beef jerky, head band, t-shirts.
Changing tents were very muddy, but warm. Most of our team just dropped trow at the tables by the showers. Warm water nice touch. The sinks were a nice touch. We were really cold by then and dreaming of hot tub so left for Montebello before we checked out the beer garden.
All in all I think those with later start times probably didn't have the same positive experience we did as the course filled with women of all levels of fitness. We rarely had to wait more than a minute or two at any obstacle and the trails were occupied, but not crowded yet.
Mother Nature was a little bi-polar and those on course for more than a couple hours were in danger of getting scary cold.
All in all I would do this again. I think the whole point of team was relevant and consistent throughout and it was a great girls' weekend getaway.

Sep 27, 2015 by Leanne

Poorly organized
Not enough staff, volunteers and medics
Too many bottle necks in the course route. Literally spent 30-40 minutes waiting for the line to get moving while getting cold
Too hiking through forests single file
Obstacles not challenging enough
1/2 banana supplied throughout 9 km route - nothing else
Very few visible staff photographers
Spectator route confusing. Should have separate check point than participants
No used shoe drop. Saw hundred of pairs at trash bin and abandoned in piles at parking lot
Shower spray hoses not working. Rinse off and change rooms lead u back to 2-3 inches of goopy mud then walk right into - no detour
Best obstacle at end but not enough crowd control to organize ppl who wanted to slide together.
$10 for bag check too much $
Gondola pass to mid station should be included in ticket price


PA 2015

Sep 13, 2015 by Sarah W

Overall a well produced race of 5 miles and about 14 obstacles.This race can be as easy or as hard as you make it. If you want a challenge run multiple laps as hard as you can. I was surprised at how much mud I encountered and struggled through Aint No Mountain (multiple mud hills) which contained chest high deep mud at times. Appreciated the help from others and enjoyed pulling fellow runners up the slick and steep mud. The finish line didn't disappoint for swag: shirt, head band, jerky, protein bars, and Shock Top. Something unique at the hose-off area: HOT showers and soap.

Dislikes: most of the Obstacles don't challenge upper body strength. Also the venue (Cooper's Lake Campground) was trashy at times. For some reason there was a large field of dilapidated RV's and trailers along the course.

2nd time not a charm

Jul 23, 2015 by Debbie F.

I attended this, my second Mudderella and was massively disappointed. The staff did not care, it was very unorganized, it was cold with no shelter set up, there were no blankets or outdoor heaters to help with the cold rain that was falling. The concession tents were not easily accessible. I paid for VIP parking and it was the best money I ever spent considering the day. We left as soon as we showered, which was 45 minutes in line. The best obstacle was closed when we arrived(the Slide) and nothing was done to replace it. The course was dangerous in my opinion as it wound through the moguls used for motorcross . Overall, PA was SOOO MUCH BETTER last year!!! I will never run the NY/NJ course again. In fact, I'm doing the capital region course July 25, so we'll see....

Poorly Planned Event!!!

Jun 03, 2015 by Tom Christian

Very poorly planned. Event was known to be raining and cold. It was not called off. The organizers/staff were not prepared. What I experienced and observed was people so cold to the point of uncontrollable shaking. There was little place for participants or spectators to get dry or warm. After all of this, just to get back to the safety and warms or your car, it was an hour wait in line just to get on the bus back to the parking lot. The parking lot itself was all mud. I observed many cars stuck/trapped. I personally gave some people a ride to a warm restaurant so that they could get warm while they wait for people to drive from home to help get them out.

Good and then VERY BAD

May 31, 2015 by Mickey

The good: Great team building, fun course, like the headband they gave me.

The bad: even though everyone knew the course conditions because of dropping temps and heavy wind and rain were coming, the organizers of the event did nothing extra to accommodate. No heating tents, the medic tent was overflowing with hypothermia patients. They didn't hand out heating wraps (like they do at halves or marathons). The last ob has you climbing up rope ladder to slide and then sliding into giant pit of water. I thought that part was really fun but I HATED standing in the bus line for over an hour in the freezing cold. Only two to three buses were coming every 20 mins or so -- It was nuts! They had us park so far away and they parked us in a mud field. ON a day that was 100% of heavy rains. so many people with stuck cars in the mud.

Oh -- and bag check was a joke! no one was checking numbers it was a free for all -- no organization. SUCH a mess.

I am sure it would have been much better with ideal weather conditions but I cannot give this an above average rating due to the very apparent lack of safety for their competitors.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 2.5 5.0 11 11 This was my first muderella and I was completely disappointed! I felt like it was completely false advertisement. Anyone could do this obstacle course with no problem. The twelve w