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An obstacle mud run for you and your friends. Our 10K (6 mile) course and 20+ obstacles will challenge you whether you have been racing for years, or you are just getting into shape. Grab your friends, or make some new ones and get ready to Go Rogue.

Rogue Runner was founded by former US National Team and college athletes with some help from some Hollywood set designers.

We wanted to create a race that matched the intensity of the events we have competed in our career. So we set out to build an obstacle course that was both physically challenging, and pushed people to work as groups. Having competed at some of the highest level of sport, some of our most memorable times were those moments when we were pushed by those around us whether teammates or fellow competitors. So we designed an obstacles throughout the race that force racers to cooperate. You don’t have to come with a team to race at Rogue Runner, but you will need the people around you to get through the course.

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Still haven't been paid for the work we did setting up the obstacles.

Feb 19, 2014 by Arlie Hart

I spent 6 days designing, fabricating and installing the obstacles for Rogue Runner's first event and have still not been paid for that work. Additionally, Mr. Liverman kept a bit over $ 900 worth of my rigging gear. If you have not been refunded your entry fees, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

For further information, Over the Wall Entertainment, the LLC that Rogue Runner was registered under in Virginia has listed as its corporate address the address of Chatel Real Estate, 307 South Washington St, Alexandria, VA 22314 - phone number 703-684-1010. Andrew Liverman's father, Thierry Liverman is listed as a Manager there. Maybe if we all call Andrew's Dad he can help straighten things out?

Good Luck getting your money back.

It is too bad, it had good potential.

Jan 07, 2014 by jeremy almond

I asked for a refund after the race was changed and I could not make it. No refund nearly a year later! I emailed and called them probably a 100 times!
Is there anything we can do about this?

Jan 06, 2014 by Kristin

I also was promised (in writing) a refund several times and never received one. Despite repeated attempts to contact the company and the co-founder, Andrew Liverman, via email and certified mail, I have been unsuccessful. A Better Business Bureau complaint has also gone unanswered. It seems the theft of entry money is more widespread than I thought in light of the posted comments here and elsewhere. I plan to contact the Virginia Attorney General consumer protection department to initiate an investigation into this business. Please post if you also have been denied refunds of your money so I can get an idea of how many individuals have been effected. I will also post updates from the investigation and further information as I receive it.

I want my money back

Dec 20, 2013 by Joe

I am in the same boat with all these other disappointed people. The race directors pushed the race back twice and I could not make the new date. They said they would refund my money but they never did after repeated attempts to reach them. I will never give these people money again.


Dec 17, 2013 by David D

the June race that was changed to August that was rescheduled for September, which was then rescheduled for October, then combined with another race later in the year still has not occurred. I received an email stating that refunds would be issued. I received an email stating that I would receive 2 shirts. I received an email stating I could run in another race. I sit here today with no refund, shirtless, and still haven't run a race. website is gone. Facebook is gone. this company took 10,000 bucks and ran (assuming that 100 people signed up...I am guessing it was more in the 500 people you do the math). anyone have any idea how to get our money back or, for petes sake, run a freaking race that I paid for?

Liars and thieves!

Dec 07, 2013 by Patrick
Event Name: Rogue Runner AZ I & II 

I was supposed to be running RR today. That didn't happen, instead I, and many others got scammed for our entry fees and received no notifications that the race was being canceled. I managed to get my hands on numerous contact numbers, none were responsive. I got Andrew Liverman's direct line, he, like the coward and liar he is, declined to talk to someone he ripped off.

I ran in the spring RR as well. While, the race was decent enough, it was highly unorganized, they ran out of water at the water stations and packet registration was a joke... totally unorganized. I hope this guy gets what he deserves. Andrew Liverman and the RR organization can all cease to exist.

Oct 15, 2013 by Drojan

They moved the Dallas event twice and stated they would offer refunds, they did not! After some investigation, I looked up some other venues and they moved a Georgia event twice and a Maryland event twice. Facebook-ers comment that they have not received a refund either. Most of my Texas friends have not received refunds yet. How are multi-state attorney generals not after them ?

I would give zero stars if I could

Sep 16, 2013 by Stephanie

I signed up for the run in Dallas on 8-30-2013. It got postponed sometime in the two weeks before the race. I'm not sure when because I never got any kind of notification that it had been postponed. The only way I knew it changed is when I went to on the website to get directions 2 days before the race it was no longer listed. I sent an email and go a response saying they were partnering with another run and were "working to create a 5 mile course with 20 obstacles." I did not spend $200 on a race for it to move 120 miles away. They will not offer refunds because they have already spent the entry fees on promotions. Don't waste your money. This race is a scam.


Sep 12, 2013 by Disappointed.

The date on here isn't even correct, because the race has been pushed back AGAIN. apparently they're joining forces with some other race now. They're "adding obstacles and distance" to take a 3 mile, 12 obstacle $35 entry fee course and turn it into a 5 mile 20 obstacle $110 course. Sucks for people who sign up through Rogue Runner and not the other one. They also are offering admittance into a race next year instead of a refund for the race, because they already spent the refund on the promotions. And, in the ticket sales fine print it apparently says they don't have to offer a refund. Pretty sure if they're going to these extremes just to even have a race there isn't going to be a company next year, much less a race. Disappointed.

Sep 10, 2013 by John

They are horrible for getting a hold of! When they finally responded, they said they would give a refund, they NEVER did! Don't put money into this company!

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 1.8 5.0 19 19 I spent 6 days designing, fabricating and installing the obstacles for Rogue Runner's first event and have still not been paid for that work. Additionally, Mr. Liverman kept a bit