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A gruelling but fun obstacle race, one set over 10+ miles and a second 10km race. Each with game show inspired obstacles, endurance challenges and even a few surprises.

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Average rating: 3.71 / 5 from 7 reviews.

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The most fun race I've ever done

Oct 08, 2018 by Kathryn

This was soo much fun, the obstacles were fantastic and the team was super helpful - I needed to run a little later and they were very accommodating. Totally coming back next year to take on the new obstacles.

Really enjoyable course

Sep 25, 2018 by Matthew

I had an absolutely great time at rough runner, the course was as expected and the obstacles were very fun. Taking on the travelator was the highlight of my weekend, I made it up first try!

Really looking forward to seeing the new obstacles in 2019 and coming back with more friends. Thanks, rough runner!

No ambulances!

Sep 12, 2018 by Ann

Around 20 contestants ended up breaking bones that needed surgery to set. Staff not medically trained and would not call ambulances. They would also not assist in helping those with broken bones to get off obstacles. The water obstacles were not filled with water to the correct depth which resulted in numerous accidents. The local hospital was overrun with people coming in with broken bones. This event is not run responsibly. AVOID!!

Jan 23, 2018 by Ryan Mills

Amazing day! Awesome obstacles and lucky enough to of had great weather! Can't wait to do it again!

Awesome event!

Jan 04, 2018 by Tim Smith

Had a great time. A group of us ran together and we all had a blast.

Great course, fantastic obstacles! Very unique.

Didn't even feel like I ran 10km. And I did most of it laughing!
Well organised, lots of fun and I conquered the big red balls!!!

Nov 01, 2016 by Amy

Rough runner cancelled their Bristol event in June, it is now November and we have still not received refunds despite numerous emails claiming we would receive it soon- complete scam company. **DO NOT TRUST. They have stopped replying to messages requesting refunds despite the fact that they cancelled the event, and anyone posting on their Facebook page about refunds is immediately blocked. Use a more reliable company like Tough Mudder that doesn't seem like it's being run out of somebody's living room!!

Great Fun!

Apr 10, 2016 by Paddy

With three distances all abilities are catered for. The race itself was jam packed with enjoyable obstacles, challenging terrain and stunning views. The obstacles were a great mix of climbing, crawling, swinging and water. The laid back atmosphere means if you don't like the look of some of the more claustrophobic obstacles you can miss it out without judgement. All culminating in a gladiators style travelator surrounded by friends, family and finished participants that really makes you finish on a high.

The holding area is the only thing that holds the event back from a perfect score. It was set up on a slight hill with food and drink at the top, a bar to one side and the admin tents on the other. Unfortunately it quickly became another obstacle as the area degenerated into an incredibly slippery mud rink. Thats fine on the course but when you're carrying two hot coffees and a hog roast the slipping and sliding stop being fun pretty quickly. Just some hessian matting walkways to provide a bit of traction would have solved it. It wasn't enough to ruin the day or even sour it a bit since the whole thing was fantastic but it definitely stopped the event being 5 star.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 3.7 5.0 7 7 This was soo much fun, the obstacles were fantastic and the team was super helpful - I needed to run a little later and they were very accommodating. Totally coming back next year