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Its Not Just a Race, It's an Adventure!

SUPERHERO SCRAMBLE is an elite obstacle course race ranging from 4 miles of wicked terrain to marathon distance for those who want to challenge themselves beyond a fun run. With 5 different race lengths and challenges, there’s something for the couch potatoes and for the extreme athletes. You can also check out our NIGHT RACE at some locations, and bring the family to every race for the SUPER KIDS RACE.

Get suited up in your SUPERHERO Costume or gear up as a Real Life SUPERHERO, and get ready for what will be one of the best days of your life! Live Music and entertainment all day! Starting from the moment you enter the festival area you will have a fun filled day of racing, spectating, dancing, eating and drinking.

You won’t get bored running either because the terrain is wicked and there are more badass obstacles per mile. Be prepared to conquer obstacles like THE BEAST, HELL FREEZES OVER, ROCK HARD, MUDDY LIPS, RAZORBACK, KARMA KROSSING and our badass SUPER SLIME SLIDE.

If you’re an extreme athlete and like to compete then make sure to cash in by running our SCRAMBLE GAMBLE. You can win cash as an individual and or as a team. Join us for several races across the country and track your points in the SUPERHERO Points Series.

Included in the race is a racing bib and timer chip, SUPERHERO Finishers medal, high quality t-shirt, one free beer, an event access pass, FREE high quality digital pictures, a sticker, and the experience of a lifetime…and one that you can brag to all your Sidekicks about.

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Mar 12, 2015 by Heath Edwards

Signed up for event on 5/29/14, my birthday. I was informed on 8/2/2014 that the event had been postponed until 3/28/15. That event has since been cancelled, I sent an email and they told me that no refund would be issued even though I received nothing for my money, so basically theft and insurance means nothing. AVOID this crap company at all costs.

Mar 03, 2015 by Charles Allen

They postponed the race and rescheduled it for March 28th. However, the website is non-functional and they haven't updated their social media accounts or their website in over 6 months. I've emailed them several times and have never heard back.


Nov 18, 2014 by GRRRRRR

They canceled the event and sent out a lengthy email on how they would work out some sort of refund arrangement. My friends and I have not heard back from them since! SCAM!

Nov 04, 2014 by Craig

Not sure what is happening with this company but they still haven't (probably won't) refund my entry fee after canceling the GA Supervillian. The company was bought out and the contact I found for it is Mark Kallan Superhero Scramble, Inc. +1 (646) 780-9579


Link to the article I found:

Sep 08, 2014 by Chrissy

Do not register for any of their races!!!! As of June of 2014, they have 'postponed' every race with promise of reschedule and no word comes of it!!! You end up having to file a dispute with the credit card company.
I promise you will regret it if you register for it!!!


Jun 20, 2014 by Olivia Ippolito

I and many other volunteers were angered by how this entire event was run as a volunteer I personally worked all day, in the hot sun which was 85 degrees from 11-4 with almost no break and no water except one bottle and was not told that my wave would be canceled and received no compensation. I also was running an obstacle that was meant to be run by two people but was only left to me. Another volunteer I am personally friends with ended up in the hospital with SEVERE dehydration. DO NOT VOLUNTEER, I wouldn't know about the run because we worked for free and never got one. If zero to -1 stars was an option I would have chose that instead of 1.


May 11, 2014 by Dawn Lundin

The race was well put together and fun. BUT, the support was horrible. THat is an expensive race NOT to have gatorade or some type of other choice to drink along the run. They only had small cups of room temp water. No goo or bars or even a banana at the end. I have never done a race where you don't get a race bag and at least a drink of gatorade and a banana at the end. Instead you could BUY a cheeseburger. The metals we in a stack after I crossed and a girl about 8 years old pointed to them for me to take one. I paid a lot for this race and I would have liked to see better swag and support. The Hylander was hadled better.

SHS Georgia 2014 Charger

May 01, 2014 by Jen D

This was my first SHS. I had registered for the night race in 2013, but due to extreme rain the entire week before, the night event was cancelled. I had the option of running a daytime wave, another 2013 event, the GA 2014 event, or receiving a refund. I chose to transfer to the 2014 event. In hindsight, I would've requested the refund. Not because of SHS but because of the sport in general. 2013 was a year that involved a lot of uncertainty for events. SHS has had some negative publicity of their own over the last year and I'm not sure I would've registered for this race if I didn't have a carryover from the previous year. Let me tell you, I am so glad I did! This was a really fun experience. There were enough hills to be challenging, but not memorable. The obstacles were challenging so that there was a good mix. Not everyone was going to complete every obstacle, but there were enough that didn't involve extreme skill to make even newcomers feel accomplished at the end. They did have a10 burpee penalty for failed/skipped obstacles, but it was not enforced. There were a few areas that safety could have been an issue. For example, the rock climbing wall had several missing hand/foot holds and there didn't appear to be divers located at the deep water obstacles, etc. These obstacles were not unsafe on their own, but if there had been a problem, help would have been a long time coming. I would recommend this event for anyone in the future, but I'd suggest paying a little more and waiting a little closer to the event date. There is still some uncertainty surrounding their events with cancellations being common. Just do your homework before registration, but don't rule it out. If the event takes place, it's worth it.


Apr 28, 2014 by C-HAM

This course was not as good as what I expected. My first experience was the Carolina race in 2013 which was brutally good. However, this was still a good course. There were some spots where there was a significant amount of running between obstacles (which I don't care for), but still good. They should ensure the rock walls are secure and are stable. Other than that, great race despite a low turnout for this race. Leap of faith was epic!


Superhero should change there name to superloser. unorganized,rude,thirsty and broken are the tags this race should use.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 2.8 5.0 15 15 Signed up for event on 5/29/14, my birthday. I was informed on 8/2/2014 that the event had been postponed until 3/28/15. That event has since been cancelled, I sent an email and