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The Rite regional races are 6+ mile foot races in which you are required to carry a 20lb sandbag over rough terrain and through an obstacle course. If you want to place and compete for the CHAMPION title and the opportunity to compete in ELYSIUM, you must complete the race with your sandbag. Worried you can’t carry the sandbag? Don’t. If you want to drop it and complete the race, we will still cheer you on. Everyone has their own goals to strive toward. For those who do get across with their “The Rite” sandbag, not only do you place, you get to keep the sandbag too.

What is our goal?

This is more than just a race; it is a rite of passage event. This is something people can use to set goals and prove to themselves what they are really capable of. Part of the rite of passage concept is the community that surrounds it. We cannot emphasize how much we believe in small communities. We want each community that we interact with to grow from our event. Meaning, we find a local charity that supports people within that community to aid and we invite local small businesses to participate in our vendor section for free. This way, not only do you get to compete with your community, you get to know and support it too. Also, we believe that our military, fire and police heroes are integral parts of our communities. As such, they will receive 10% off of their entrance fee in honor of their service to our country.

What is our long term goal?

We will have 36 regional qualifier races across the country culminated by our final event ELYSIUM in which our 36 Champions will fight for the honor of winning The Rite: Elysium. They will earn money for themselves and money to send back home to their local charity. This event will be filmed and posted back on the main page of the site as well as each individual community page. Each regional community will cheer on their champion and, potentially, donate things to their champion while they endure ELYSIUM to aide in their survival. At each regional will be promoting the unique community in which it is held. Each community will have a local charity that they support, local small business vendors and their own COMMUNITY CHAMPION.

What is ElYSIUM?

Our generation lacks a defining Rite of Passage. We long for personal glory and the satisfaction Navy SEAL’s, Special Forces, and others like them feel. They have a deep sense of pride, not only about their job, but also about the mental and physical challenges they have faced and overcome.

We believe the same desire is engrained in every one of us and in our lives we have no outlet to compete, conquer, and truly live. That is why The Rite was created. The Rite: Elysium, the most physically and mentally challenging event a civilian can go through.

Gym Throw Down:

It is a question that has become a prevalent topic within the fitness community, one that has brought on brawls, blood and sometimes beer. It being: What is the best gym to train at? Well, now we are going to find out. We are inviting local gyms within your area to come and compete in The Rite in order for us to determine which gyms are the best, toughest, most hard assed etc in your community. How will you know who is the most Rite worthy gym? We will post the ranking results, as all races do, of our race participants. Beside the name of each race participant will be the gym they train at. Remember participants can be trainers, gym owners, gym goers, military member, police force, firefighters or independent fitness buffs. If you do not go to a gym or think that your gym doesn’t help you, then you will be able to write what type of training method you use. There will also be a list of the people who participated and dropped their sandbag…

Compete with your community

Support your community

Know your community

We are the proving ground.

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