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The Udder Mud Run is an event aimed to create a family safe and exciting fun day of climbing, crawling, jumping, running, jogging.. You get the point! We have a 3 to 4 mile course that is designed for the mud run enthusiast and the first time mud runner. There is also a one mile course created to allow your family, your friends and you to challenge each other while bonding in one of the most exciting growing sports in the nation. The registration is designed for any sized family. Once you have survived the fun filled Udder Chaos you will receive a finisher's medal, and a custom Udder Mud Run T-shirt! We will have a unique spectator area that will include a fall festival and multiple booths for your entertainment. Udder Mud Run will be held at and put on by the Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center.

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Slippery Fun

May 17, 2021 by Katie

We drove down from Chattanooga and had an AMAZING time! Only reason I gave 4 stars is because the free ice cream you got for racing was gone for our race time.

Would love to know what the lubricant they used was so we can use it for slip n slide

Good first time event

Sep 29, 2013 by John Tackett

This was my first Udder Mud run and won't be my last. I was both a volunteer and a runner. I have done 6 oher mud/obstacle events, including Warrior Dash and Spartan Sprint.
This was the first Udder Mud Run in Georgia and in my opinion started things off on a good foot for the event. So lets start with the good stuff..

1) Lots of mud, the first mud pit was less than 20 yrds after you started
2) Challenging obstacles - not a pit full of water that you had to traverse, but actual ponds. 10 ft walls that required the assistance of fellow racers to get over, including one that started in a water/mud pit.
3) Actual space between the obstacles. While there were times that you had 2-3 obstacles group together, there was plenty of "running room" between the obstacles.
4) Showers! Not a hose to clean off with, but actual outdoor showers as well as hoses - I counted at least 20 showers, and changing tents for males and female runners.
5) Fantastic volunteer support on the course and plenty of EMS/EMT on the course. The staff was well connected using both phones and radios so any issues were handled quickly.
6) NO DAMN INSURANCE FEES!! If you need to charge insurance fees, don't make it an add-on, but include it in the fee. If it is required, then why is it an add-on?
7) No parking fees. And parking was a short walk to the race start.
8) No spectator fees (but then there were not alot of spectators.) And they allowed teams to bring tents to be setup near the start/finish area. Cannot tell you how many times I have been told, "No Team Tents" at other events (including Spartan and Tough Mudder)

OK now the bad.
1) 10am was the first heat.. a bit too late in my opinion. 9am should be the first heat (But as they grow and get more racers, perhaps they will move the heats to an earlier time.)
2) Did not see any food for the finishers. Perhaps I missed it, I did see concessions, but how about bananas or granola bars for the finishers. But they did have plenty of bottled water.
3) There was a time when I was not sure if I got off the course and got lost. Just after the fire pit and the hay bales, the course seemed to be poorly marked. Having done many trail runs I looked for and then saw trail markings on the trees, but first time racers may not be familiar with the markings. I did eventually see the white arrow on the ground telling me I was going in the right direction. (BTW, for the most part, the course was well marked.)
4) The last 3/4 of the course was sparse in regards to obstacles.
5) Apparently many people thought it was a 5k course (despite the website stating the course would be a 3-4 mile course) so there was some groans when the RD gave the course distance as 3.8. (Hey folks, you came to be challenged!)
6) The first heat of the day was the competitive heat, but it would be nice if all contestants were timed. Keep the competitive heat for those wanting the trophies, but many folks like having a benchmark in regards to the event.

And this comment is directed to the racers and spectators..
There were plenty of trash bins located in the start finsih area.. Why then was there so much trash on the ground? Please police after yourselfs.

OK. I think I have said enough. From the chatter I heard from the finishers at the event, many will be back for the 2014 event. Even ran into a couple of participants the next day at another event and they had nothing but praise for it. It is a good event for those wanting to "get thier feet wet (or muddy)" for the first time. I would estmate about 80% were first timers at mud/obstacle racing.

The number of entrants was small, just over 400 but as the word gets out, I can see this number growing. Hopefully the race organizers will attend a couple of other similiar events, both as spectators and entrants, and get some ideas of what to do (and not do) and learn and grow the event.

I would rate this event a 3.5 stars out of 5!! GreatJob Udder Mud Run Georgia organizers!!

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 4.0 4.0 2 2 We drove down from Chattanooga and had an AMAZING time! Only reason I gave 4 stars is because the free ice cream you got for racing was gone for our race time.Would love to kn