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Get ready to run through the terrain of Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton where our U.S. Marines train. There will be over 300 Marines “Motivating” participants along the course,
as well as Military vehicle displays.

Saturday registration now open!

Your Participation helps support quality-of-life programs for Marines aboard Camp Pendleton.

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Ooh-Rah: World Famous Mud Run Camp Pendleton

Jun 13, 2016 by Jack Kenney

First and foremost I am relatively new to the whole OCR thing but I must admit I am hooked. I have run a Warrior Dash (AZ) and a Terrain Racing (Temecula). All fine events to be sure and solid beginner or novice course. As I am told.

In my quest to find a bigger challenge, as I work my skill, strength, and training toward Spartan, BattleFrog, and Rugged Maniac, I discovered the World Famous Mud Run at Camp Pendleton.

In a delusional fit I signed up for the 10K. And why not? Approximately 6 miles at Camp Pendleton along the Pacific shore would be a relative walk in the park.

Not so much.

The run starts as they all do: In the corral. A couple hundred yards on asphalt and the hose hit you. Thoroughly soaked to the bone you head off-road and onto the trail.

A few minor obstacles - lunges, lifts, etcetera - the first real obstacle hits. And that is the first hill after a very sandy ravine.

One of the best parts of this race occurs relatively quick as we run up a hill and hit an overlook that is breathtaking. Not that I noticed as I sucked air, suffering every step. Body drag, not so bad, and running again.

Did I mention the Marines cheering you on? At every obstacle and aid/water station. Did I mention Navy Corpsmen asking me if I was okay? This happened almost from the start.

After dragging a 120 lb body around for twenty or so yards you enter Combat Town. This little stretch is built up as a training course for actual combat teams. Very cool. There was a badass tank to look at and recorded gun fire which was just odd.

After town another hill! More obstacles - jug carry, four foot barrier jump and down hill!!!

Sweet baby Jesus down hill!!!

At the bottom you get to do ten pushups (Yes mom I did it) and then through the muck pond and an 8 foot wall.

By now you are tired. Well...I am tired. My running speed barely kept up with a nine-year old girl walking...slow. But I was running.

One of the more unique obstacles was Slippery Hill which is just that. A nice steep climb up a hill being sprayed with water.

At the top another stellar view or so I was told. My vision had begun to blur from all the sucking of air and lung cramps. Another downhill which I found myself rolling down. Not recommended.

A few more steps, a little more mud crawling, some more pushups and I am done!!! Eighty minutes. Felt like several hours.

The pros of this run are many. The course is not the most intense obstacle-wise but the terrain changes, shifts in temperature, and military presence make it a blast. The festival area is first rate with lots of vendors, giveaways, and food items.

Did I mention parking two miles away and riding a bus to the drop off AND walking a mile to the starting line? I didn't because buses are frequent, waiting limited, and excitement high.

Overall I recommend this OCR to ...well...everyone. Even 52 year old men working through their midlife crisis trying to keep up with 20-somethings running in the mud!

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 First and foremost I am relatively new to the whole OCR thing but I must admit I am hooked. I have run a Warrior Dash (AZ) and a Terrain Racing (Temecula). All fine events to be