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Runners will endure a 5K run through a zombie-infested course.
Test your speed, endurance, and strength while trying to avoid ravenous zombies!
Runners will have flags that represent their health.
Zombies will try to steal those flags.
Runners must make it to the finish line with at least one flag or become one of the walking dead! 

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Dec 05, 2016 by D. T.
Event Name: 11-26-2017 Phoenix Az 

I always try to give races with a cause the benefit of the doubt and, unfortunately this race needs as much kindness as I can provide.

Let's start with the good:
-The people running the race were super friendly and eager to help get signed in,
-While I was a runner not a zombie, the zombie prep crew seemed really nice as well.
-The t-shirts are great high quality cotton tees
- The zombies were very enthusiastic.
-The venue had plenty of parking...I'm doing my best to provide a positive spin folks

The negatives:
- Because the venue was a large sports complex, finding the registration site was pretty iffy. We only found them by wandering toward music and the garbled announcements by a DJ.
- The aforementioned DJ/Announcer was pretty much indecipherable. Normally I'd write this off but as he was giving instructions to the racers it was important.
- The race itself was at least 30 minutes late to start. Or maybe not...communication was a problem as you may have guessed.
- Safety, this one is important. There were some very little kids acting as zombies- running into crowds of runners to grab life flags (bits of caution tape) I saw a number of runners trip over each other to not trample the kids with more than one skinned knee as a result.
-No medal at the end. The bling is the thing and this didn't have the promised bling. I overheard there was an ordering error so they didn't arrive on time. I emailed the company the day after the race but as of a week later I haven't gotten a response.

There may have been an after party, but after 3 rocky laps and having a zombie snatch all of my remaining lives in one grab we called it good and went our way.

I want to support local runs especially ones that support good causes, but I'll be hard pressed to go back to this one.

Run of the Dead

Sep 26, 2015 by Andrew
Event Name:  

Ive dont this race 3 years in a row! It never gets boring and is absolutely AWESOME! It feels like you are running through a movie or the set of the Walking Dead!

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 3.5 5.0 2 2 I always try to give races with a cause the benefit of the doubt and, unfortunately this race needs as much kindness as I can provide. Let's start with the good: -The people