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REACH: Beyond Fitness is a locally-owned purpose-built gym designed to cater to the rigors of urban and adventure fitness clients cravings and delivers massively. REACH: Beyond Fitness specializes in group classes and personal training, trims the fat by eliminating clunky, general equipment. Here, clients will not find machines because at this gym, the client is the machine. At REACH: Beyond Fitness you can attain one-on-one coaching, become part of a community based health and happiness.

Conventional gyms in Chicago are a dime a dozen. The REACH Team decided to take an alternative approach when conceptualizing the REACH facility by converting a near century-old building into a raw fitness facility. The nearly year-long rehab process kept the building’s natural aesthetics intact whilst combining them with modern design elements to give clients a clear message: this place is special. The preservation and remodel also identifies with the look and feel of the surrounding community.


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